Drinking Forties: A Blessing And A Curse


People may tell you that forties can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. And I’m here to walk you down the crazy road of why….

But since I’m here to teach you about beers, I should explain what a forty is to those who are unaware. A forty, in the most SIMPLEST TERMS, is a forty ounce beer. (I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this. But anyway, I digress).

Blessing: IT’S FORTY OUNCES OF BEER! You are literally holding on to 3+ beers at once without having to get up and grab another. Next to a personal mini-keg, this is the most convenient portable brew container out there.

Not only that, but it’s perfect for parties where you need to bring just enough to get you through the night. They’re perfect for when the case of beer you got is just not enough, and you need just a little bit more to cap it all off.

Curse: A warm beer is something we FEAR, and that’s the case with a forty. If you want to buy yourself a personal forty, it’s going to get very warm very quick. I mean, you could easily pour it into a glass each time you want a beer while you keep it in the fridge. But where’s the convenience in that?

Instead, you should go with the 40 oz. beer cooling sleeve, (rhymes with boozy). It’ll help keep your brew cool longer while enjoying the sweet convenience of your forty ounces of beer.

The only other problem you may have with a forty is the dirty looks you get from others. People staring while you take a swig from it, judging. Honestly, they sort of have a right to judge, since this isn’t college anymore. But you know what to say to that?

“People like you make me want to drink like this.”

Forties are a commodity that don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. They sit on the shelves of convenience stores just waiting to be purchased by shoppers. All I am trying to do is teach my fellow man about the importance of the forty, and what can come from it. But above all, we all just need to;



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EPISODE #3: The Founder’s Day Podcast


On this week’s episode of The Founder’s Day Podcast, writer C.S. joins the show to talk about Elon Musk and his flamethrower, kids using too much cell phone data, and various other topics that may come up!

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Letter To The Fans: Time For Me To Eat Crow…


Dear Fans,

The “Big Game” has come and gone. The confetti has fallen, the trophy has been passed to the victor, and the Eagles fanbase is recovering from a night of rioting.

And…..I’m cooking up a gigantic plate of crow today. Why? Because I decided to boast and bloviate about how the Patriots were going to beat the Eagles for weeks now. But then, they lost.

But, I’ll be a man and admit when I’m wrong. Since the game was set a few weeks back, I told anyone that asked me that Tom Brady and the Pats were going to win it all.

But I was wrong.

I said that Nick Foles would come down to earth from the Vikings game…..

I was wrong.

I said that Tom Brady would “systematically” take apart the Eagles defense and have one hell of a game…….

I was “somewhat” wrong; (you can’t really knock 505 yards and 3 scores.)

But this wasn’t the game I was expecting. I thought greatness and the legacy of New England would reign supreme; but I was wrong.

So I am here to man up and say; Congrats To The Philadelphia Eagles! You have been waiting for this for years, and it is finally here. Enjoy it, and see you next year.

Sincerely, The Founder


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Lessons You Were Never Expecting….


Just last week, I was sitting on my couch scrolling through Twitter, when an interesting tweet appeared on my screen. It was a GIF talking about teachers from your life, and how even the craziest ones have taught you the most important lessons.

That got me thinking, which teachers from my past would that work for?

I started to think back on my career as a student, and all the teachers that I crossed paths with from kindergarten to my senior year of college. There were plenty of names I could pick for this article. My creative writing and small engines teachers in high school, or my Western Heritage teacher in college.

Hell, I even learned lessons from the chaperones that would keep an eye on us on the playground in elementary school. (Even though you may not classify them as teachers, they still knew a thing or two).

But for me, I think my science teacher from middle school taught me the most. Personally, I would not like to use real names in this article; so let’s call her Mrs. C.

For some reason, different states have different classifications for “middle school.” Where I went, grades 6th through 8th were what made you a “middle schooler.” And you better believe it, Mrs. C was my teacher for all three years.

To explain Mrs. C in one word, I would have to say strict. Not strict in a bad way, but strict in more of a “developmental” kind of way.

What do I mean by “developmental,” you may ask?

Well, in my opinion, Mrs. C wanted to prepare her students for the real world. She didn’t want to be the teacher that was protective of feelings, where everything was sunshine and rainbows.

Basically, she wanted to show that life can be rather shitty, and you have to put in the work in order to make it not.

For example; we would always have these “safety quizzes” at the very beginning of her course. They were these small exams that would run through all of the safety procedures and protocols when handling hazardous materials in a science classroom.

In order to pass, you would need to ace the damn thing, 100%, or else you would need to retake the test over……..in detention.

Now let’s get something straight here, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to pass these tests. You just needed to have common sense, do your work, and you would be fine.

Now let’s get something ELSE straight here, common sense with 11-13 year old’s isn’t always so common. Because I only passed one of those three tests. It was stupid little bonehead mistakes here and there that kept me from that 100%, and that sent me to detention.

But the point is, she is/was teaching her students a very important lesson;

Life has it’s consequences. If you don’t prepare for something, then you will get punished, also known as cause and effect. Sure, it might have sucked and was a major inconvenience in your life. But if you didn’t understand this shit, then sooner or later during the class you might burn your damn hand off.

And trust me, this wasn’t the only lesson she taught us. There were plenty of others packed into those three years.. But in the end, all she wanted from us was to work hard in her class, actually learn something, and try to make something of ourselves.

She didn’t want to see some puny elementary schoolers walk into her classroom. She wanted mature, and respectful adults that could handle themselves in that environment. And damnit, I think she made that a reality…..(with most).


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The Art Of Drinking Part 2 (Learning To Fly)



If you missed part 1 click here.

In this part, we will get a look at the different kinds of characters people turn into when they have had a few drinks. I have provided a brief description of each kind of character to give you some insight, as well as, some tips on how to handle said characters if you are the designated driver.

It is well into the night of your twenty-first birthday. You have had your fair share of beer, vodka, rum, or whatever you chose.

Pro Tip: the old saying, “beer before liquor, never sicker; liquor before beer you are in the clear.” In my experience has no real truth, as long as you pace yourself and stay the HELL away from tequila!

Anyway, you are feeling really good. You’re loosened up and happy to be there with your friends. You may even try to make some new friends. You tell jokes, that quite possibly only you find funny, but hey! You are havin’ a goooood time. You are what we like to call the ‘smiley person’. 🙂

The Smiley Person: As the name indicates, you can’t stop smiling and laughing. For the most part, this is the ideal characteristics you want to have. Be careful though because not everyone wants to hear what you have to say. To be safe stick to talking with your friends and if you see someone laughing when you or your friends say something funny, then you can welcome them into your conversation. 

Additional Tip: Don’t be the type of ‘smiley person’ that walks around the bar trying to make friends with everyone. Not everyone is willing to be so friendly.


This brings us to our next type.

The Grump: Much like the meme cat, the ‘Grump’ doesn’t care who is around them. They want to have their drink(s) and just want to regain the internal peace and harmony they once had. The ‘Grump’ isn’t really violent. They would rather use their words to warn you repeatedly to leave them alone. Typically they start out kind of quiet, but if someone like a ‘smiley person’ keeps trying to make them laugh the ‘Grump’ will raise their voice and throw in some swearing to get there point across. The best thing to do for this kind of character is to leave him or her alone and let the bartender take care of them.

Additional Tip: One might try and buy this character a drink to get on their good side. DON’T! Just leave them alone and go back to what you were doing. Interaction is a waste of time.

The Caretaker: This is the type of person that, even if they are feelin’ REALLY good, they will make sure everyone around them is well taken care of. This could consist of making sure everyone who wants a drink gets a drink. If they knock over a drink they will make sure that the drink is replaced and paid for. This character is very easy to converse with. What is best to do here is to talk with them and make sure they don’t get taken advantage of by any person looking to get a free drink.

Additional Tip: ‘Caretakers’ can be a touchy-feely kind of character. From leaning on the person they are talking to, to consoling them with a hand on the shoulder if they get a slight hint of sadness from the person they are talking to.


The Sad Sack a.k.a The Wet Blanket: This is the type that curls into their drink and uses the bar and friends around them as a kind of, therapist. Best Practice here is to be a good friend. If you are out with a group, take the person over to a secluded part of the room (such as a booth or corner of the bar), and talk to them. Just be there for them.

Additional Tip: If you are out in a group and you have a ‘Caretaker’ personality in said group, have them talk with this person. These two characters are two sides of the same coin.

The Fighter: This character should be cut off immediately as soon as someone sees the person’s mood change to this. This character is violent and is ready to fight anyone for no reason than just to fight.

Additional Tip: If it is bad and one doesn’t have any way of talking this character down, have the bartender call the cops. Alternatively, if you think you can handle them, ask the bartender to watch your friends, (if you are out in a group) and take the fighter home.

In part 3 we will explore how to properly drink in a social situation without becoming any kind of character. The Goal is maintaining a low buzz while being able to stay your normal self and carry on a normal conversation.

Click here for part 3


Please remember to drink responsibly and tip your bartenders.

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The Amount Of Data Used By The New Generation Is Ridiculous!


I was at the store the other day, picking various groceries and such. Waiting in line 8, there were roughly three transactions ahead of me; an older couple, a guy my age, and a mom and her annoying daughter in that order.

While waiting in line, I was just minding my own business, checking Twitter. Then, I started to overhear the LOUD conversation from the mother and daughter ahead of me.

“HOW THE HELL DO YOU USE 8 GB OF DATA IN A MONTH,” the mother said in shock to her daughter. She must have seen the bill or something on her phone, and I wasn’t paying attention.

I was in shock myself, not expecting that to come from a sweet looking woman like herself. Then the daughter responded, as 97% of children do; “I dunno.” The funniest part to me was, she said this with her face buried in said phone.

“Give me that phone, you’re not going to be seeing it for a long time,” the mother said, snatching the phone from her child.

Now I have to side with the mother; how the hell does someone use 8 GB of data in a month? How often every day are you on that damn phone?

Me for example, the highest my data has ever hit is 1.5 GB. But normally, it’ll flutter around 1 and 1.25 GB. And the times I do use data are few and far between.

The only times that you would see me using an extensive amount of data would be during my break at work, or while I listen to podcasts on my commute home.

(Obviously I’m not using my phone while I drive home. It’s a 45 minute podcast during my 15 minute commute.)

But besides that, the only times I’ll be using data outside my home would be to send the occasional tweet. Or to message a friend with Facebook Messenger.

But how often does someone need to be on their phone to rack up that much data?

To figure this out, I took a look at the Cox Communications Data Usage Calculator on their website.

If you take four of the most popular cellphone uses for kids, this would be the breakdown I found to even come close to 8 GB in a month;

  1. Web Surfing: 15 hours=.26 GB
  2. Social Networking: 29 hours=1.44 GB
  3. Streaming Video: 4 hours =3 GB
  4. Video Chatting: 8 hours=2.72 GB
  5. TOTAL: 56 hours of use=7.42 GB

And the kicker is, these are not actual statistics that were published. These are just numbers that I came up with off the top of my head to try and cover 8 GB of data. AND IT DIDN’T EVEN ADD UP TO 8!

The funniest part about it is, the family will probably just give in to her constant phone usage and up their plan. Not ground her or take away her phone, but basically encourage this perpetual phone use.


But what do you think of this situation? Do you think I’m in the wrong here? Or do you think our nation’s youth need to put down the devices once in a while? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts;

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Lebron “Listening” To Warriors?


I want to preface this by saying I’m not a big fan of NBA rumors. BUT, this one hit the news today and I felt like I had to talk about it.

As first reported by ESPN NBA Reporter Chris Haynes, Lebron James would be interested in listening to offers by the Golden State Warriors if the team can work out some kind of deal.

Now let’s play the “What If” game, shall we? “What if” Lebron actually goes to the Golden State Warriors this offseason?

First off, this would mean Kevin Durant is COMPLETELY out of the hot seat when it comes to switching teams. It’s one thing to switch to a team that you lost to in the Western Conference Finals. BUT, it’s another thing when you leave to join the powerhouse squad that beat you in the FINALS, TWICE.

And let’s not forget, this is the same team that beat the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls 72 win record a few years back, then ADDED KEVIN DURANT. They were already great without you! No player in history would deserve to be called the “GOAT” if they were to move to that team.

But in all honesty, it’s just a rumor. These things come to us suddenly, and then fizzle out over the span of a week. It is something to keep an eye on in the coming months, but I think Lebron is too smart to do something like this. He knows the scrutiny would never stop.

Best Beer For The Big Game


We love our brews here at Weekly Sports World, that’s a fact. We try to teach you lessons about beer, such as which is the best one to have in the shower (The Importance Of A Shower Beer!). But with the biggest game in the NFL’s schedule right around the corner, I feel like I need to bring up another important “brew” lesson.

And that lesson is……..Best Beer For The Big Game!

Ah yes, the Super Bowl! That time of year where millions of people around the world scarf down multiple helpings of chicken wings, brats, hot dogs, burgers, and especially BEER! It’s where people loosen their belts a few notches, and for some, are knocked out by the fourth quarter.


But, with all of this gorging happening, it would be a shame if you couldn’t partake in the delectable spread put out due to some unforeseen circumstances. Such as……..poor beer choices.

Now, this may sound similar to the shower beer article, but trust me it’s for your own good.

When choosing a beer for “The Big Game,” you need to stay LIGHT! Many people like to partake in multiple brews during the game. But, if you drink too many of those heavy IPA’s, you are not going to last four quarters of championship football.

Not only that, with all of the heavy wings and nachos that will be consumed on Sunday, heavy beers will just weigh you down. You’ll feel sluggish, tired, and quite possibly hit the dreaded “fourth quarter sleepys.”

What are the “fourth quarter sleepys” you may ask? Basically, fourth quarter comes around, and you end up falling asleep. And who wants to be asleep during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl?


Now, I’m not saying you have to go with a beer that you can get 30 of for $12. If that’s not your taste, then don’t go for it. (Even though I’m not a person that can pass that up. What a deal!)

But there are still some great tasting lighter beers out there. Just make sure to do your research, and keep yourself away from those dreaded “fourth quarter sleepys.”


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Thoughts On Life


The other day I was on, everyone’s favorite video streaming website…(take a guess this one is not hard)…and I found myself listening to barbershop quartet covers of several songs from deferent decades. There was something about these songs that made me picture myself giving advice to my grandkids. What would I say? What advice would I give? What mistakes have I made that I wish they won’t make?

So here are just a few short thoughts about life and the way we live each day:

‘Always remember to take a second to realize where you are and how lucky you are to be there.’

Whenever you find yourself more focused on where you are going rather than where you are at the moment, stop! Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and take a moment to realize that this is the youngest you will ever be from now on. Realize that every step you take is bringing you closer to your future. A future that you can’t predict and can’t control as much as you might want to control it.

Think the most. Do more. Say less.

This kind of goes back to the article ‘Life Stories‘. Just be more active in life. This also makes you look smarter.

Saying that you are “bored” is a useless statement, when you think about it. 

Your mind is the strongest tool you will ever have, so train it well. When you are sitting and feeling “bored” start thinking. Doesn’t matter what you think about. You can take that trip you always wanted to go on. Relax on the beach with no one else around, without even leaving your chair. The power of your mind is only as limited as you make it.


Respectfully talk to people who have different beliefs than you.

You won’t know if you truly know something unless you talk to someone with the opposite point of view. Don’t argue just talk.

It is ok to be emotional about things. 

Unless you are a Vulcan you will be emotional. That is called the human condition Mr. Spock.

Whatever you do in life, do your best at it.

Whatever you do in life don’t half-ass it. If you are going to do something put your entire self in it.

You are going to fail. A LOT!

‘If you fail, try, try again.’ If it wasn’t such a regularly occurring event there wouldn’t be so many sayings of how much you are going to fail and why you should never give up.

Time Travel is real.

You just have to know where to look and who to ask. Find someone, in person, and ask them to tell you a story about their life. Some stories, in the way they are told, can transport you to another time.


You won’t get along with everyone.

Sad but true?? No, not really sad at all, it takes many different types of people to make the world go round and it would be impossible to have everyone get along.

Make quality friends rather than quantity.

Keep good company, not a lot of company.

There are a lot of little bits of advice about life to pass down. That is one more thing that is so good about life. You will never stop learning new things and you will always have information to pass down to other people.


Comment below with some life lessons you have learned.

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EPISODE #2: Founder’s Day Podcast

Episode #2 of The Founders Day Podcast is FINALLY HERE! In this episode, I talk more about kids eating Laundry Detergent Pods, the NBA All-Star Draft, and my picks from last week and this week.

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