No Respect For An Official!

(Not going to lie, I’m going to start this article off by contradicting myself.)

NBA refs can make us pull our hair out in frustration from time to time. Whether it’s questionable calls, lack of logic, or just plain stupidity; refs can be the bane of existence for a basketball fan.

Having said that, they are the official, and they should be treated as such. A player should ALWAYS show respect and should NEVER put their hands on an official.

But, as shown by the Shaun Livingston ejection against the Heat, this is not the case.

For those who missed it, Shaun Livingston went up for a shot just outside the paint yesterday against the Miami Heat; being contested by Tyler Johnson. Livingston felt that he was hacked by Johnson on the shot, which caused him to verbally erupt at referee Courtney Kirkland.

After some words were exchanged and the two “headbutted” each other, the altercation ended with Kirkland tossing Livingston from the game.

But, now a day later, the NBA has decided to suspend Livingston for a game, and Kirkland for a week; (both starting Monday).

Now they both deserved to be suspended. However, the suspensions don’t fit the crimes.

Why does Livingston get only a game, but Kirkland gets a week?

If anything, they should both get just one game and be done with it.

But, with all the whining and crying of the players, this has basically become a league run by the players. We are catering to their feelings and needs, more than just holding onto to the things that matter.

Such as respect for authority!

Giving a ref a much harsher suspension than a player is NOT respect for authority. Giving referee Courtney Kirkland a harsher suspension is basically saying to refs; “Hey, you might be an authority figure in this league, but you are lower on the totem pole than the players.”

But we’re not holding players accountable for their actions. They’re being coddled in order to increase the NBA’s bottom line. We’ll suspend a player ONE GAME for touching an official, just to get him back playing. But with a referee, they won’t be as lenient.

It’s ridiculous!

But I want to hear your thoughts now. Did Courtney Kirkland deserve a week suspension? Let your voice be heard in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages.


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The WWE Missed Out On A BIG Marketing Opportunity At Survivor Series

For those that don’t know, this past Sunday was one of the WWE’s biggest pay-per-views of the year; Survivor Series. And at this show, it was Monday Night Raw vs. Smackdown LIVE, head-to-head to see who the better brand was.

Now, I have no problem with the outcomes or anything like that. I’m a person that likes to follow the storylines, and see what happens.

But I do have a problem with how the winners of the matches were laid out. Because, by the time the main event rolled around, the score was tied 3-3 and the traditional Survivor Series 5 v. 5 match was the decider in it all.

Now I get it, the company was trying to put way more emphasis on the main event, and make it worth alot more. But what if Smackdown, let’s say, went up 3-1 and lost in the main event? Or, flipping the script, if Raw was up 3-1 and lost; (Since they did have the “last laugh” at last week’s Smackdown LIVE show)?

First off, the dynamic of the show would have completely changed. People would be on the edge of their seats wondering; “Would they blow their lead?” “Who will step up for their brand?” (etc….)

But, and this is the point I am really intrigued about, is the marketing opportunity that one of the brands blowing a 3-1 lead would create. And the WWE wouldn’t have to do a damn thing.

As we all know, social media nowadays is controlled by ALOT of memes nowadays. And what meme had control of the internet for a huge chunk of time?

“The Golden State Warriors Blew A 3-1 Lead!!!”

(This basically writes itself, but I’ll continue.)

If the WWE had either Raw or Smackdown blow a 3-1 lead at Survivor Series, the internet would be BUZZING. Major sports publications across the world would have memes depicting both WWE and the Golden State Warriors on their sites within 15 minutes of shows end (I’m estimating). They would probably end up getting 10,000+ retweets and shares within 15 minutes of posting.

Then, you have all of the fans out there that make their own jokes and photos about the outcome too. And those will get shared and retweeted through their channels and connections as well.

And, within an hour of shows end, “Raw Blew A 3-1 Lead” or “Smackdown Blew A 3-1 Lead” is trending on Twitter.

But what does this do for the WWE you may ask?

Basically, you’re reaching a much wider audience. Sports fans from all walks of life would see these memes and wonder, why is the WWE being compared to the Golden State Warriors? It has a chance to peak their interest, regardless if they are new to wrestling, or if they use to watch it and are “rediscovering” the show.

Then, when they tune in the following Monday or Tuesday and they like what they see, they may continue to watch and become hooked once again.

And the best part about it is, all the WWE had to do was make a storyline. Just one storyline, and BOOM, the internet shits it’s pants. That’s the beauty of social media.


Having said all of that, what did you think of Survivor Series? Would this have helped WWE? Or not made a difference? Let us know in the comments, or on one of our social media accounts:


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A Cubs Playoff Wrap-Up

The Cubs are heading home after losing four games to one against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.

Throughout this series, you can’t put the blame on one particular person, or one facet of the Cubs squad. There was so much wrong, including;

  • An inconsistent offense, with star players being non-existent (Bryant, Rizzo)
  • A starting rotation that, although effective, didn’t go long enough in games.
  • A bullpen that completely imploded.

But they needed this. The Cubs needed to be humbled on one of the biggest stages in baseball.

The Cubs are a young team that became successful very early in their careers. They won it all in 2016, some of them as young as 22, and 23 years of age. Then, it seemed to get to their heads the very next season with the dreaded “World Series Hangover.”

Through the first 88 games of the 2017 season, the Cubs finished with a 43-45 record, and tied for second in the Central Division. It seemed like they were so caught up in last years successes, they sort of “coasted” through the first half.

But, they did pick it up in the second half of the season, where they finished 49-25 in the final 74 games of the season.

But once the playoffs started, they went back to their first half selves. They were brought to the brink against Washington, having to go the full 5 games in order to move on. And now, the champions have been knocked out after only 5 games in the NLCS.

It wasn’t close from the start against the Dodgers. The Cubs couldn’t anything going offensively; scoring a total of 8 runs through all 5 games. That, combined with an imploding bullpen, resulted in what can only be described as “Devastation in Five Games.”

Now granted, they did show signs of life in Game 4, it still was too little too late. Arrieta had to have the game of his life to keep his squad in it, and the extent of their offense was on 3 solo homers (Baez 2, Contreras 1).

But once LA went up 7-0 in Game 5 tonight, everyone in Chicago knew that it was time to revisit that old, familiar saying; “Wait till next year.”

But they needed to be humbled in the playoffs like they were. This team had been riding high ever since their title win; visiting talk shows, being on SNL, getting sponsorship deals, etc… They needed to be brought down to earth. They needed a loss like this to bring them out of that “World Series Hangover.”

Hopefully, after a loss like this and a majority of their roster coming back next season, the Cubs will be back better than ever! But until then, let’s enjoy the offseason and everything that it entails.

Where’s The Run Support?

After Game Two of the NLCS, all people want to talk about was the decision to put John Lackey in the 9th inning instead of Wade Davis.

And for some reason, we want to blame Maddon and Lackey for this loss and NOT THE OFFENSE!

But since that’s not the popular opinion, we don’t want to talk about it.

Take Kris Bryant, the so-called “MVP” and the “star” of the Cubs. He is batting .179 in the playoffs this year with ZERO home runs, and THIRTEEN strikeouts.

There’s also Anthony Rizzo, the other “star” of the Cubs. He is batting a lousy .154 in the playoffs, with ONE home run and NINE strikeouts.

Or how about Wilson Contreras, who is batting a measly .182 with ONE home run and EIGHT strikeouts; one of those strikeouts being in the top of the 9th of Game Two when he swung on three pitches that were at his jaw line.

That is essentially the heart of your order folks; three guys who can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and you want to blame Maddon and Lackey? That is just ridiculous!

It shouldn’t have even come down to that in the first place. The Cubs had plenty of opportunities to take the lead in this game and have Wade Davis close the door in the ninth, but they just squandered them away.

The fact is, the Cubs are not the all-powerful beings that you want to believe. These bats are being humbled right now by a very talented Dodgers squad, and it’s not doing the Cubs pitching staff any favors. They NEED RUN SUPPORT! That way, the starters can go extra innings, and then Maddon doesn’t have to rely on his bullpen as much as he does.

What do you think though? Are Maddon and Lackey the one’s to blame for the Cub’s Game 2 loss? The offense? Or maybe it was something completely different? VOTE NOW!

Weekly Sports World’s Weekly Picks: NFL Week 3

42-17…….that is what kept me from being 14-1 in Week 2. A 42-17 whooping of the Dallas Cowboys by the Denver Broncos gave me two losses on my record instead of one.

Now don’t get me wrong, 13-2 is not a bad record. In fact it might be one of the best record’s I’ve had while doing these Weekly Picks. But when one of the BEST running backs in the league only puts up 8 yards and the Cowboys defense makes Trevor Siemian look like the second coming, you’re bound to be a little salty.

But, Week 3 is upon us, and we have to look forward. A new week, new opportunities, and even more possible surprises. So, without further ado, here are Weekly Sports World’s Weekly Picks for Week 3 of the NFL season.

San Francisco beats Los Angeles Rams

Baltimore beats Jacksonville

Denver beats Buffalo

Pittsburgh beats Chicago

Detroit beats Atlanta

Cleveland beats Indianapolis

Tampa Bay beats Minnesota

New England beats Houston

Miami beats New York Jets

Philadelphia beats New York Giants

New Orleans beats Carolina

Tennessee beats Seattle

Green Bay beats Cincinnati

Kansas City beats Los Angeles Chargers

Oakland beats Washington

Arizona beats Dallas

Do you think you’re picks can beat mine? Comment below or send them to me on one of the various Weekly Sports World social media accounts.


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Gimmicks Wear Off…..

The Big 3 Basketball League, lead by founder Ice Cube, with Allen Iverson as one of it’s headliners……is a gimmick. Just like the XFL, it’s starting out as a stunt to try and drum up buzz and hype, only to fall by the wayside once the initial pop dies off.

For those who have not heard of the Big 3 yet, it is a a separate basketball league created by founders Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, and headlined by the likes of Allen Iverson, and coach Julius Irving. It’s based around 3 v 3, half court basketball rules with a few twists.

Twists like 4-point circles, and nicknames on the backs of jerseys encompass this “new wave” of basketball. Not only that, but there’s also no more 2-shots for a foul. You get fouled shooting a two, you take ONE shot from the free-throw line to make up for it. You get fouled from the three, you get ONE shot from three, and so on.

But honestly, it’s just a gimmick here folks. It’s a league full of NBA “has beens” and “never was” players trying to play into the summer sports lull. (I have to give them credit though, choosing the summer before NFL and NBA start to hold their season really does help their viewership quite a bit.)

Plus, they also show their games A DAY LATE on FS1. In a world of social media, that doesn’t help your ratings. Anybody with a twitter account could easily search for the score, or some kind of highlight, and go on their merry way.

In addition to that, you really don’t have any “stars” to build the league around. To me, the only real draws you have here are Ice Cube, Allen Iverson, and maybe Mike Bibby. But that’s it!

Sure, there’s various Hall-of-Famers coaching teams, I get that. But that’s just catering to old-school basketball fans. It’s not connecting to your younger fanbase, which in my opinion is the major demographic for this league.

To help make this a success, you need to market the Big 3 TO DEATH! The various introduction press releases to the league will not be enough to keep this “pop” going. There has to be a constant buzz of media attention surrounding it. Have somebody be outspoken, somebody create controversy, do SOMETHING! Don’t just be a slimmed down, marginally talented version of the NBA.

The Plan For Weekly Sports World

For a few years, this has been mainly just a blog. You’ve heard my opinions, you’ve seen my rants, and you’ve bet against my picks. But for Weekly Sports World, I want something more. More than just articles….

Sure, I know I don’t have the followers to really say alot. But you better damn well believe that I will be working my hardest to change that.

To start with the plan, I will continue to build and contribut to Weekly Sports World’s sports page. Sports are my passion, and I want to share my passion with the world. The thing is, I like to hear other opinions as well.

My plan to make this happen is to develop a community page so that fans of Weekly Sports World can contribute their own articles. Fans would be able to write their own articles, and publish them for everyone else to discuss.

Then, the plan is to COMPLETELY take over social media. Spread the name of Weekly Sports World across all platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. This will not only continue to expand the discussion for the fans, but it will also give the company the opportunity to reach a vast range of people throughout the world.

Sticking with the topic of social media, the problem that has arisen is what would be published on the Weekly Sports World Instagram?

For this, the goal is to make the Weekly Sports World Instagram centered around sneakers. Fans would be able to see various pairs of shoes that they might already have, or are looking to buy from various brands. Fans would also be able to submit their own sneaker photos to show off their own collections.

I’ve also talked about this before, I know, but I want to develop multiple pieces of video and audio content for the company. These would include, but are not limited to podcasts, video podcasts, daily sports vlogs, comedy skits, etc..

You also might be telling yourself; “Kellen, this seems like alot of “business talk” that should be saved for behind the scenes. Why are you publishing it?”

It’s because if I’m going to preach a “for the fans” model, I’m going to let you all in on the plan. Yes, if and when some of these items occur, there might be rather sensitive information associated that can not be shared until after it is completed. But, believe me, whenever there is a new idea or development for Weekly Sports World, the fans will be in the loop.

This is a very extensive plan, and it’s going to take ALOT of hard work and time to make it a reality. And I am willing and able to put in that work to make it happen.

I want to build an empire! I want to change the game! So come along on the ride with me, cause it’s going to be a fun one!

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Wow! The Bulls Actually Proved Me Wrong.

Those of you who know me know that the Chicago Bulls have been the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE throughout the previous year. Whether it was their questionable free agency acquisitions, to their AWFUL trade decisions throughout the season; the Bulls were nothing but a train-wreck. It made me SICK that a team with an illustrious past like the Bulls was reduced down to a fraction of what it once was.

But the crazy part of this story is they ACTUALLY made the playoffs. And right now, they are up 2-0 against the #1 seed Boston Celtics with the next two games to be played in Chicago.

In the beginning, I thought the Celtics had this locked up. I had absolutely ZERO belief in the Bulls making it to the next round with the 35-year old Wade with the 60-year old legs, and the three stooges that came to Chicago via a trade from OKC (Morrow, Lauvergne, and Payne).

But with the way the Celtics have been playing so far, I will gladly say that the Bulls have this series wrapped up. In Game 1, Isaiah Thomas did go off for 33 points, but the rest of the squad couldn’t boost their games to help him.

Then, in Game 2, Jimmy Butler and the Bulls were able to hold Celtics star Thomas to a manageable 20 points, and cruised to a 111-97 victory.

So far, you’ve proved me wrong Bulls, you’ve proved me wrong. But your luck is about to run out.

But the length of their playoff run. I’ll give them until the Eastern Conference Finals. Then, they’ll just get spanked by the Cavs. 

And don’t try and give me this; “They are 4-0 on the season against the Cavs” nonsense. Playoff Lebron is a different player compared to regular season Lebron. He’s focused, he’s not “sitting,” or “resting,” and he’s ready to take what’s his.

Two years ago, Lebron was able to put the team on his back and force a Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, while averaging 35 points a game in the process. He was even able to put up 30+ points in five of those games, with three being 40+ points.

Now, with a healthy Kyrie, the Cavs will have the Bulls number and show the world that the Bulls don’t belong in the playoffs this year. Count on it!

But who knows? They can screw it up next round against the Wizards or the Hawks.

And hell, there is still enough time for them to screw up this series too.

If I was a Bulls fan, I’d rather be in the lottery right now. Give the team SOME kind of hope for a higher draft pick. Even if it’s just fourteenth, fifteenth, or sixteenth; at least it’s SOMETHING! Not a damn mid to late 20’s pick.

Why The Cubs Win The World Series In 2017!

The Chicago Cubs begin their title defense in the most heart breaking way; a 9th inning walk-off loss to their arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals. But it’s only Game 1 of 162, and there’s plenty of baseball to be played.

But can the Cubs do what their brethren of 1907-1908 did? Or what the Yankees of 1998-2000 did? Can they repeat?

I’m here to tell you that it’s a major possibility that they can, and that they have a major chance to do it. Here’s why;

1. Stars Are Another Year Older/Wiser: Even though the “Lovable Winners” lost key names like Dexter Fowler, Aroldis Chapman, and Travis Wood; they still retained a majority of their young core; (Rizzo, Bryant, and Russell just to name a few). And not only did they retain them, they are also another year older and another year wiser.

Guys like Rizzo, Bryant and Russell; they already know what it takes to win a championship. They’ve experienced the bright lights of the World Series. They’ve come from games behind, in the clutch, to secure a title. They’ve EXPERIENCED it! Bringing young guns like that back for another season not only makes you a playoff favorite, but a title contender.

2. It’s Happened Before: Theo Epstein is the honestly one of the greatest GM’s in baseball history. He was the architect of the Red Sox three most recent World Series titles in 2004, 2007, and I would go as far to say 2013 as well. (Alot of the guys on the 2013 roster came from the Theo regime.) He also rebuilt the Cubs farm system that was in ruin to one of the best in the league. So if something is needed for the Cubs to be great, you can believe that Theo and company will know what to do.

Not only that, but it has happened before. The Cubs did it in 1907-1908, the Blue Jays did it from 1992-1993, and the Yankees did it from 1998-2000.

Not only that, but this was the highest scoring offense in the National League last year. And with Kyle Schwarber taking over as the lead off hitter with his insane power and ability to get on base, the Cubs shouldn’t have a problem keeping their offense churning.

So don’t let someone tell you that it “can’t happen,” because they have one of the best chances in baseball to repeat.

But overall, this should be another amazing year for the North Siders, with hopes of recreating the magic they brought to Chicago a season ago. They have the talent, the front office and the fan base to do it. And with history on their side, there’s nothing but positive vibes for the good ol’ Cubs.

You Just Can’t Remake That!

Sports movies have the ability to make the viewer experience a vast range of emotions. They can make us laugh, shocked, brought to tears, and even feel like the characters are invincible.

There are even some movies that transcend time, and have become such classics that should NEVER be replicated.

One of these movies, is White Men Can’t Jump.

White Men Can’t Jump is a classic basketball comedy about two ballplaying hustlers, Sidney (Wesley Snipes) and Billy (Woody Harrelson), joining forces to try and take over the city.

But recently, rumors have began to swirl that a White Men Can’t Jump remake is in the works. Some of the actors rumored to reprise the roles of Sidney and Billy include Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, as well as Anthony Mackie and Channing Tatum.

In my book, this is wrong! White Men Can’t Jump is a classic in itself, and should be left alone.

But this is not just because of the storyline, because a storyline can be remade any time. It’s because of the actors who brought us these characters.

These actors have created lasting impressions on the characters, as well as the fans who have watched them in these films. The actors in these films gave us such moving performances that made us fall in love with the characters they portray. Look at the kids from The Sandlot for example; or actors such as Charlie Sheen from Major League.

Personally, I would rather not see some random kid in 2017 quote “Ham” Porter’s famous line from Sandlot; “You’re killing me smalls!” I want to watch the ORIGINAL “Ham” Porter, Patrick Renna.

And who can out-do Charlie Sheen’s Rick Vaughn character in Major League, and his walk to the mound to the song “Wild Thing?” Mile Teller? Channing Tatum?? NOT A CHANCE!

I understand, Hollywood is running out of ideas, and what they’ve resulted to is rehashing previously made ideas. Unless you can get the SAME actors back in the movie and it MAKES SENSE for them to be there, you need to leave it alone.

What are some sports movies that you believe are off limits to remakes? Tweet me @KShermanSports with #NoSportsMovieRemakes.