Those DAMN Yankees Have Done It Again!

Giancarlo Stanton…….is a Yankee. Dear lord I can’t believe I am saying it, but it’s true. The reigning National League MVP and 2017 Home Run leader Giancarlo Stanton will be donning the pinstripes come April 2018.

At first glimpse, I saw this and it made me a little sad for the future of baseball. I mean, the Yankees of old look like they are coming over the horizon, ready to take the league by storm.

But then I thought about it and realized, this is going to be FUN! I mean, who doesn’t love a good air show?

Stanton, for those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year, showed Major League Baseball who he truely is by blasting 59 homers, and 132 RBIs in 2017.

And he’s bringing this power to a team lead by 2017 AL Rookie of the Year, Aaron Judge. Judge ended his magnificent first season with 52 homers, and 114 RBIs. He ranked 2nd, and 6th respectively in these two categories.

But don’t forget, these two aren’t the only ones that can go yard. The Yankees as a squad finished 2nd in the league in runs, 1st in homers, and 2nd in RBIs. It’s a young ballclub that just keeps getting more experience.

This is amazing for baseball. Stanton coming to the Bronx brings us so much more drama, and intensity. The Yankees trading for Stanton is going to provide fans with more classic moments that will go down in history.

Think about it; late September baseball, Yankees down by one against the Red Sox with runners on first and second, and Stanton is at the plate with Judge on deck. Bottom of the 9th, one out, and Craig Kimbrel is looking for the save.

Those are the kinds of moments that I love about baseball. The fear and anticipation of what’s going to happen on the very next pitch.

It’s those situations that make me love this beautiful game.


But now you’ve heard what I thought, I want to know what you think. Are the Yankees future AL Champs after trading for Stanton? Am I full of shit with what I’m saying? LET ME KNOW in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages.


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A Cubs Playoff Wrap-Up

The Cubs are heading home after losing four games to one against the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League Championship Series.

Throughout this series, you can’t put the blame on one particular person, or one facet of the Cubs squad. There was so much wrong, including;

  • An inconsistent offense, with star players being non-existent (Bryant, Rizzo)
  • A starting rotation that, although effective, didn’t go long enough in games.
  • A bullpen that completely imploded.

But they needed this. The Cubs needed to be humbled on one of the biggest stages in baseball.

The Cubs are a young team that became successful very early in their careers. They won it all in 2016, some of them as young as 22, and 23 years of age. Then, it seemed to get to their heads the very next season with the dreaded “World Series Hangover.”

Through the first 88 games of the 2017 season, the Cubs finished with a 43-45 record, and tied for second in the Central Division. It seemed like they were so caught up in last years successes, they sort of “coasted” through the first half.

But, they did pick it up in the second half of the season, where they finished 49-25 in the final 74 games of the season.

But once the playoffs started, they went back to their first half selves. They were brought to the brink against Washington, having to go the full 5 games in order to move on. And now, the champions have been knocked out after only 5 games in the NLCS.

It wasn’t close from the start against the Dodgers. The Cubs couldn’t anything going offensively; scoring a total of 8 runs through all 5 games. That, combined with an imploding bullpen, resulted in what can only be described as “Devastation in Five Games.”

Now granted, they did show signs of life in Game 4, it still was too little too late. Arrieta had to have the game of his life to keep his squad in it, and the extent of their offense was on 3 solo homers (Baez 2, Contreras 1).

But once LA went up 7-0 in Game 5 tonight, everyone in Chicago knew that it was time to revisit that old, familiar saying; “Wait till next year.”

But they needed to be humbled in the playoffs like they were. This team had been riding high ever since their title win; visiting talk shows, being on SNL, getting sponsorship deals, etc… They needed to be brought down to earth. They needed a loss like this to bring them out of that “World Series Hangover.”

Hopefully, after a loss like this and a majority of their roster coming back next season, the Cubs will be back better than ever! But until then, let’s enjoy the offseason and everything that it entails.

Where’s The Run Support?

After Game Two of the NLCS, all people want to talk about was the decision to put John Lackey in the 9th inning instead of Wade Davis.

And for some reason, we want to blame Maddon and Lackey for this loss and NOT THE OFFENSE!

But since that’s not the popular opinion, we don’t want to talk about it.

Take Kris Bryant, the so-called “MVP” and the “star” of the Cubs. He is batting .179 in the playoffs this year with ZERO home runs, and THIRTEEN strikeouts.

There’s also Anthony Rizzo, the other “star” of the Cubs. He is batting a lousy .154 in the playoffs, with ONE home run and NINE strikeouts.

Or how about Wilson Contreras, who is batting a measly .182 with ONE home run and EIGHT strikeouts; one of those strikeouts being in the top of the 9th of Game Two when he swung on three pitches that were at his jaw line.

That is essentially the heart of your order folks; three guys who can’t hit the broad side of a barn, and you want to blame Maddon and Lackey? That is just ridiculous!

It shouldn’t have even come down to that in the first place. The Cubs had plenty of opportunities to take the lead in this game and have Wade Davis close the door in the ninth, but they just squandered them away.

The fact is, the Cubs are not the all-powerful beings that you want to believe. These bats are being humbled right now by a very talented Dodgers squad, and it’s not doing the Cubs pitching staff any favors. They NEED RUN SUPPORT! That way, the starters can go extra innings, and then Maddon doesn’t have to rely on his bullpen as much as he does.

What do you think though? Are Maddon and Lackey the one’s to blame for the Cub’s Game 2 loss? The offense? Or maybe it was something completely different? VOTE NOW!

Why The Cubs Win The World Series In 2017!

The Chicago Cubs begin their title defense in the most heart breaking way; a 9th inning walk-off loss to their arch-rival St. Louis Cardinals. But it’s only Game 1 of 162, and there’s plenty of baseball to be played.

But can the Cubs do what their brethren of 1907-1908 did? Or what the Yankees of 1998-2000 did? Can they repeat?

I’m here to tell you that it’s a major possibility that they can, and that they have a major chance to do it. Here’s why;

1. Stars Are Another Year Older/Wiser: Even though the “Lovable Winners” lost key names like Dexter Fowler, Aroldis Chapman, and Travis Wood; they still retained a majority of their young core; (Rizzo, Bryant, and Russell just to name a few). And not only did they retain them, they are also another year older and another year wiser.

Guys like Rizzo, Bryant and Russell; they already know what it takes to win a championship. They’ve experienced the bright lights of the World Series. They’ve come from games behind, in the clutch, to secure a title. They’ve EXPERIENCED it! Bringing young guns like that back for another season not only makes you a playoff favorite, but a title contender.

2. It’s Happened Before: Theo Epstein is the honestly one of the greatest GM’s in baseball history. He was the architect of the Red Sox three most recent World Series titles in 2004, 2007, and I would go as far to say 2013 as well. (Alot of the guys on the 2013 roster came from the Theo regime.) He also rebuilt the Cubs farm system that was in ruin to one of the best in the league. So if something is needed for the Cubs to be great, you can believe that Theo and company will know what to do.

Not only that, but it has happened before. The Cubs did it in 1907-1908, the Blue Jays did it from 1992-1993, and the Yankees did it from 1998-2000.

Not only that, but this was the highest scoring offense in the National League last year. And with Kyle Schwarber taking over as the lead off hitter with his insane power and ability to get on base, the Cubs shouldn’t have a problem keeping their offense churning.

So don’t let someone tell you that it “can’t happen,” because they have one of the best chances in baseball to repeat.

But overall, this should be another amazing year for the North Siders, with hopes of recreating the magic they brought to Chicago a season ago. They have the talent, the front office and the fan base to do it. And with history on their side, there’s nothing but positive vibes for the good ol’ Cubs.

What Being A Fan Really Means!

Recently, I was having an argument with one of my friends about our favorite football team. During the argument, I was being really critical about our team, saying that the quarterback is a bum, and that I do not expect them to get more than 6 wins this year. My friend proceeds to tell me that I am not a true fan of the team; that I am what some would call a “bandwagon” fan. Now for one, he obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the term “bandwagon” fan; and two, a true fan of a team is without a doubt allowed to be critical about their team.

Just to get this out of the way, a “Bandwagon Fan” is someone who hops on board for the ride when a team is doing well, even though they didn’t even care beforehand. An example of what a “Bandwagon” fan would be; a majority of the Miami Heat fanbase was filled with “Bandwagon” fans when Lebron and Chris Bosh decided to form that super team with Wade. An example of what is NOT a “Bandwagon” fan would be; someone who has been a fan of the team since the beginning, has not changed his/her favorite team ever, and still watches their games even though they may not be doing so well. And in addition to that, as a fan, I have the right and the obligation to be critical about my favorite teams and the decisions that they might be making.

Let’s compare this to having dinner at a restaurant, shall we? Let’s say you go to your favorite burger place, and ask for the double supreme with bacon, and all of the fixings; but you would like it medium. Then, when you receive your burger, it was cooked past well-done, completely burnt, and it tastes like chalk. Now, do you just sit there and tell the chef that it’s not very good, but there’s always next time? Hell No! You go up to the chef, tell him/her that this tastes like a shoe, and that you would like a new burger. The same thing goes with being a fan of a sports team. Fans put money into their team’s, buying all kinds of merchandise, tickets, TV packages, and so much more. They are customers, and they have the right to say that what you are putting on the field/court/ice is garbage and that you need to do something about it.

Being a fan of a team means you have a right to say that something isn’t right, or if something needs to be changed. One of the major reasons that these organizations actually exist is because they want fans to come in and be entertained. It’s not like they just open the gates and whoever wants to come in can come in, but if there’s nobody then that’s fine too. A majority of the teams actually care about the product that they are putting out there, and they want to put a team out there that the fans and the city will be proud of. So, simply put, you don’t have to always be positive and say things like; “Aw shucks, well there’s always next time.” If the team sucks, SPEAK UP!