Making The Most Out Of Sunday




Is it Sunday already?!! WHY?!

Well, tomorrow is Monday. Meaning we have one more day to make the most of before we go back to the steady and seemingly endless grind of the week. Whether that means work or school, Monday coming back means we have to solve this one important issue that has plagued humans since the Ancient Greeks gave the seven days of the week their names.

Making the most of any given Sunday is completely up to the individual and their lifestyle. Some people get up and go to church. Some people go for hikes and do outdoor activities…even in the COLD, yep, I’m not doin’ that. Other people, prefer to make the most out of their Sundays in a different way. Doing housework, binge-watching movies/ tv shows, all without putting on a pair of pants.


Having to put on PANTS! No matter if they are jeans, cargo pants, or worst of all your best dress clothes, it is like putting half of your body in very uncomfortable sleeves, come to think of it that’s exactly what pants are.

This is especially true for people who have a naturally warm temperature. If you are one of these people you know what I’m talking about. The type of person that sweats in the middle of winter under one blanket. Putting pants on is just such a hassle.

If you are a: lazy, no pants wearing, Sunday person, be proud and embrace the day, from inside your place of residence, of course. If you don’t do it that often or if you have never done it, today is the perfect day to do it.



Take A STANCE On Your Sock Game!

#SockGameStrong is how I dress, and is helping me do that.

For those who don’t know, Stance is a growing clothing company that is best known for creating high-quality socks with unique designs that can fit anyone’s style. They provide customers with three different types of socks to try and fit their footwear needs, which include casual, performance, and premium/dress.

When it comes to designs, Stance spans the realm of thinking with it’s prints. Customers can choose from their numerous collections that include MLB and NBA designs, Disney and Star Wars, and much, much more.

The company even reached out to different athletes and celebrities to design their own sock lines for Stance. Some of these creators include Dwyane Wade, James Harden, Chandler Parsons, and Klay Thompson.

And if you want to put your own spin on some designs, you can go to the “Custom” section on their website to experiment with different colors and designs.

Personally, I’ve really gravitated toward the casual NBA and MLB styles myself. I started with the Larry Bird NBA Legends, the Patrick Ewing Trading Cards, the Reggie Jackson’s, the Scottie Pippen Cartoon socks, and a vintage pair of the New Jersey Nets Hardwood Classics.

But I don’t just go for the sports ones though. I also picked up a couple of the more “tropical” looking socks; including the Gums Classic Crew, and another design that I’m not sure what the name is, (I just call it the “Hawaiian Dream”).

I just love the job that the folks over at Stance are doing with their product. These socks are comfortable, sleek, and best of all, unique!

It’s extremely easy to find a pair of socks for yourself, regardless of what your style is.

You got a Celtics or Bulls jersey you want to show off on game day? BOOM! Add a pair of khaki shorts and the corresponding socks to match, and you are ready for any game day that comes your way.

Do you have a night on the town planned with a special someone? Then check out Stance’s premium section and check out some of their more elegant styles.

Stance socks is the wave of the future people. Don’t be stuck with whatever your local department store has anymore. Go online, take a STANCE on your sock game, and make your #SockGameStrong!

You won’t regret it!