Are The Bulls Worth A Damn?

Yes, this is another Bulls rant! And yes, I am expecting insulting comments for this. BUT, the Bulls recent surge is not something to be excited about. This is just one of those mid-season surges that will ultimately end in failure and sadness.

For those who are not aware, the Bulls started the 2017-2018 NBA season with a 3-17 record spanning between October and November. Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic were both out for a considerable length of time during this stretch, and it was all but inevitable that the Bulls were Top 5 pick bound.

But then, Portis came back from suspension, Nikola’s jaw healed up, and they were back. And with that, the Bulls went on a 9-5 record to begin the month of December, and are 8-2 in their last 10. They’re the HOTTEST team in the league right now.

But that’s the thing, it’s a month. ONE MONTH in a long 82 game season. Just stop with this nonsense!

Take a look at the Cavs, for example. They started the first 13 games of the season with a 6-7 record, with everyone writing them off for the playoffs. Media members across the country were questioning Lebron, the staff, and the rest of the Cavalier brass.

But you know what, they changed. They reverted back to their old “Cavalier” way, and are now 24-11 and 3rd in the Eastern Conference.

You want to know why? Because IT’S A STRETCH! It’s a long season full of ups and downs, twists and turns, blah blah blah…

Granted, the Bulls do have a great young squad. With another talented vet added to the team, and the right coaching, this team can make some real noise in the next few years. But this year is not the one.

What they should be doing is cleaning house. Trading away Mirotic, who has really come on as of late, getting some draft picks, and TANKING for a higher seed in the draft. They need to be all-in on this “rebuilding” phase, and not fall back into their old ways of; “Well, let’s see where this goes.”

But alas, that’s not how things work in this organization. Honestly, here is how I see the rest of the season going down;

  1. The Bulls will finish somewhere around 7-10 in the East. (First round knockouts if they make the playoffs).
  2. They’ll have a pick smack-dab in the middle of the draft, where they’ll get an average role-player.
  3. They’ll sign an aging name that they think will help elevate the team, but will soon just become another cog in the machine of mediocrity known as the Chicago Bulls.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to see the Bulls return to the land of prosperity. I would LOVE to see them return to the days of the 90’s; being title contenders, and a force to be reckoned with night in and night out.

But the sad truth of the matter is, they’re rebuilding. And they’re rebuilding with “Beavis and Butthead” at the helm (Forman and Paxson.) Because of that, they need to grow from within, develop young talent, and hope for the best. Because no star IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would come to this team unless they are FOR SURE they can win a title.


4 Sports Gifts To Get That Special Someone This Holiday Season!

Shopping can either be the easiest, or the hardest activity in the world when you’re shopping for a sports fan. It could be simple, such as a Lebron James jersey. Or it could be very complicated, such as a limited edition, mint condition, original Honus Wagner baseball card.

(If someone is asking for that card, they are a major asshole!)

But, if you are having trouble finding a gift for that special someone, don’t worry! I have you covered with 4 special gifts that will surely surprise any sports fan.

1. Any LiAngelo Ball Jersey That You Can Find:

Yes, this will surely surprise them!

And I’m not kidding, this is a thing. Just google “LiAngelo Ball Jersey” and you’ll find replicas of his high school jersey from Chino Hills.

And quite honestly, this is the PERFECT GIFT for any basketball fan in your household. On eBay, you can find these jerseys floating around $26 bucks. WHAT A STEAL!

Do yourself a favor, snatch one of these while you can. Cause who knows when, or if, you will ever find another one of his jerseys again. (Do it legally though…)

2. Shohei Ohtani Jersey:

Alright, all joking aside, this one is serious. You need to invest in a Shohei Ohtani jersey from his team in Japan.

For those who don’t know this guy, he is a STELLAR 2-way baseball prospect. Yes, 2-way! He can pitch, he can bat, and he’s basically took sports headlines by storm.

With his previous team, as a pitcher, Ohtani finished with a career 42-15 record, along with a 2.52 ERA.

As a hitter, he finished with a career .286 batting average, (.322 the last two seasons).

Think about it, when he gets to America, all you are going to see is his name on LA Angels jerseys across the country. The jersey scene at baseball games and sports bars will end up being saturated with Ohtani MLB jerseys.

So why not be different? Stand out from the rest, and dig up that Ohtani jersey.

3. Toilet Games:

Are you a basketball player working on your distance? Or what about a golfer working on your putting game? What better time to do it than going to the bathroom?

To start, if you browse Google Images right now and type in “Toilet Three Point Line,” you’ll find just that; a three point line for your toilet. You set it up on the ground, just like a normal basketball court, and just shoot away. I would also suggest toilet seat covers, but you be the judge on your accuracy.

And if you’re a golfer, type in “Toilet Putting Green.” I am not kidding, this is actually a green mat, a hole, and a flag you can set up around your toilet to practice your putts while you shit.

……and the fact the makers didn’t call it “Shitty Putter” is just a missed opportunity in itself, but I digress.


Now, I want to know; do you have any other ideas for Christmas gifts for a sports fan? Let us and the WORLD know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s social media pages:


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No Respect For An Official!

(Not going to lie, I’m going to start this article off by contradicting myself.)

NBA refs can make us pull our hair out in frustration from time to time. Whether it’s questionable calls, lack of logic, or just plain stupidity; refs can be the bane of existence for a basketball fan.

Having said that, they are the official, and they should be treated as such. A player should ALWAYS show respect and should NEVER put their hands on an official.

But, as shown by the Shaun Livingston ejection against the Heat, this is not the case.

For those who missed it, Shaun Livingston went up for a shot just outside the paint yesterday against the Miami Heat; being contested by Tyler Johnson. Livingston felt that he was hacked by Johnson on the shot, which caused him to verbally erupt at referee Courtney Kirkland.

After some words were exchanged and the two “headbutted” each other, the altercation ended with Kirkland tossing Livingston from the game.

But, now a day later, the NBA has decided to suspend Livingston for a game, and Kirkland for a week; (both starting Monday).

Now they both deserved to be suspended. However, the suspensions don’t fit the crimes.

Why does Livingston get only a game, but Kirkland gets a week?

If anything, they should both get just one game and be done with it.

But, with all the whining and crying of the players, this has basically become a league run by the players. We are catering to their feelings and needs, more than just holding onto to the things that matter.

Such as respect for authority!

Giving a ref a much harsher suspension than a player is NOT respect for authority. Giving referee Courtney Kirkland a harsher suspension is basically saying to refs; “Hey, you might be an authority figure in this league, but you are lower on the totem pole than the players.”

But we’re not holding players accountable for their actions. They’re being coddled in order to increase the NBA’s bottom line. We’ll suspend a player ONE GAME for touching an official, just to get him back playing. But with a referee, they won’t be as lenient.

It’s ridiculous!

But I want to hear your thoughts now. Did Courtney Kirkland deserve a week suspension? Let your voice be heard in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages.


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Gimmicks Wear Off…..

The Big 3 Basketball League, lead by founder Ice Cube, with Allen Iverson as one of it’s headliners……is a gimmick. Just like the XFL, it’s starting out as a stunt to try and drum up buzz and hype, only to fall by the wayside once the initial pop dies off.

For those who have not heard of the Big 3 yet, it is a a separate basketball league created by founders Ice Cube and Jeff Kwatinetz, and headlined by the likes of Allen Iverson, and coach Julius Irving. It’s based around 3 v 3, half court basketball rules with a few twists.

Twists like 4-point circles, and nicknames on the backs of jerseys encompass this “new wave” of basketball. Not only that, but there’s also no more 2-shots for a foul. You get fouled shooting a two, you take ONE shot from the free-throw line to make up for it. You get fouled from the three, you get ONE shot from three, and so on.

But honestly, it’s just a gimmick here folks. It’s a league full of NBA “has beens” and “never was” players trying to play into the summer sports lull. (I have to give them credit though, choosing the summer before NFL and NBA start to hold their season really does help their viewership quite a bit.)

Plus, they also show their games A DAY LATE on FS1. In a world of social media, that doesn’t help your ratings. Anybody with a twitter account could easily search for the score, or some kind of highlight, and go on their merry way.

In addition to that, you really don’t have any “stars” to build the league around. To me, the only real draws you have here are Ice Cube, Allen Iverson, and maybe Mike Bibby. But that’s it!

Sure, there’s various Hall-of-Famers coaching teams, I get that. But that’s just catering to old-school basketball fans. It’s not connecting to your younger fanbase, which in my opinion is the major demographic for this league.

To help make this a success, you need to market the Big 3 TO DEATH! The various introduction press releases to the league will not be enough to keep this “pop” going. There has to be a constant buzz of media attention surrounding it. Have somebody be outspoken, somebody create controversy, do SOMETHING! Don’t just be a slimmed down, marginally talented version of the NBA.

New NBA Uniforms: A Money Grab?

If someone tries to convince me that what is being done with the NBA’s uniforms is an “innovation,” I’m literally going to puke. It’s not an innovation; it’s a pointless money grab, just like the logos on the jerseys.

Now, for those of you who may not know, let me fill you in on what I am talking about.

For the new season, the NBA will be unveiling FOUR PRIMARY uniforms for every team. The new names of these uniforms will be called the “Association” edition, the “Icon” edition, and a third and fourth edition inspired by the Athlete’s Mindset and the Community of the team respectively.

That’s not the problem I have, because team’s have had multiple alternatives and colors for years now. My problem is that they can choose whichever of the four they want to wear WHENEVER they want. No more “home” or “away” jersey restrictions, or anything like that. Just make sure you are wearing contrasting colors of uniforms.

But wait, there’s more……

There are going to be a select eight teams in the league that will have a “Classic” uniform that they can choose as well. These teams will probably include the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, and any other franchises that have a long history of greatness, or that have had jersey styles that were the highest sold.

So that is four to five uniforms that teams will be cycling through within a span of a season. Not to mention, we are still probably going to get the Christmas Day uni’s, Halloween, Valentines Day and whatever other holidays they can squeeze more money out of.

Now I get it, this is really a small change in an otherwise BIG machine, and I really shouldn’t be annoyed at this. But this does nothing for the game of basketball, and it does nothing for the fan experience. All it does is just instill false hype in the fans, telling them that they have to have the whole line of jerseys so that they can be just like their favorite star.

Just play the damn game. We should be worried about how the teams are going to perform, the rivalries, and the standings. Not who’s going to wear what on the court that night.

But the sad truth is, there are people out there that will buy into this hype. You are going to have people lining up at various sporting goods stores, and bogging down the league’s shop page to make sure they have each one of those jerseys.

And you better believe, I’m not going to be one of them.

Now that you know how I feel about the situation, I want to hear from you. Vote now on the Twitter poll and let me know.

Build For Now Vs. Build For The Future: The Paul George Trade Rumor Saga

Paul George wants to be a Laker, we all know that. It has become common knowledge around basketball, and it has made trading for the six year vet much more difficult.

PG-13’s aspirations for the bright lights of Hollywood have really put the Pacers between a rock and a hard place. They’re not going to get a substantial return for him, since there is only one year left on George’s contract. And even if they keep George, they are not keeping him longer than one season.

And yet, there are still teams out there that want to trade for him to stay for one season.

For those who have followed my various rants about the Chicago Bulls, you know that I am a true believer in building a core instead of buying/trading for stars. So once I heard teams like the Celtics, Clippers, and Spurs are in the market for George, I was rather skeptical about the situation.

Take Boston for example; this team is prepared for the future. They have a bevy of future draft picks at their disposal, a team that has already proven that they are #1 seed caliber, AND they have an offseason of high-quality free agents to look forward too. They don’t need to risk giving up what they’ve built for the POSSIBILITY of beating the Warriors next season.

Danny Ainge, do yourself a favor, and find another route to take.

Then you have teams like the Clippers and Spurs, who will be losing players in the next few years due to age and free agency. They are in no position to give up assets for a guy who is more that likely only going to stay for one year.

And the Lakers being in these rumors just doesn’t make ANY sense to me. Why in the world would you even toy with the idea of trading for a guy who wants to come to your team? You’ve already built your team full of young talent with PLENTY of potential. Just wait, and you will be fine.

Finally, the Pacers are up a creek without a paddle here. All they can really do is swim and hope for the best.

I would say, Indy, keep shopping him. You need to get anything you can so that you don’t lose him next summer for nothing. However, the best deals may be before the mid-season trade deadline. I would be surprised if there is not one bubble playoff team who will be DESPERATE for a star to help them make a deep run in the playoffs.

But I want to hear from you. Where do you think Paul George will be by the time we tip-off the 2017-2018 season? Vote on the Twitter poll right here;

Wow! The Bulls Actually Proved Me Wrong.

Those of you who know me know that the Chicago Bulls have been the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE throughout the previous year. Whether it was their questionable free agency acquisitions, to their AWFUL trade decisions throughout the season; the Bulls were nothing but a train-wreck. It made me SICK that a team with an illustrious past like the Bulls was reduced down to a fraction of what it once was.

But the crazy part of this story is they ACTUALLY made the playoffs. And right now, they are up 2-0 against the #1 seed Boston Celtics with the next two games to be played in Chicago.

In the beginning, I thought the Celtics had this locked up. I had absolutely ZERO belief in the Bulls making it to the next round with the 35-year old Wade with the 60-year old legs, and the three stooges that came to Chicago via a trade from OKC (Morrow, Lauvergne, and Payne).

But with the way the Celtics have been playing so far, I will gladly say that the Bulls have this series wrapped up. In Game 1, Isaiah Thomas did go off for 33 points, but the rest of the squad couldn’t boost their games to help him.

Then, in Game 2, Jimmy Butler and the Bulls were able to hold Celtics star Thomas to a manageable 20 points, and cruised to a 111-97 victory.

So far, you’ve proved me wrong Bulls, you’ve proved me wrong. But your luck is about to run out.

But the length of their playoff run. I’ll give them until the Eastern Conference Finals. Then, they’ll just get spanked by the Cavs. 

And don’t try and give me this; “They are 4-0 on the season against the Cavs” nonsense. Playoff Lebron is a different player compared to regular season Lebron. He’s focused, he’s not “sitting,” or “resting,” and he’s ready to take what’s his.

Two years ago, Lebron was able to put the team on his back and force a Game 6 against the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, while averaging 35 points a game in the process. He was even able to put up 30+ points in five of those games, with three being 40+ points.

Now, with a healthy Kyrie, the Cavs will have the Bulls number and show the world that the Bulls don’t belong in the playoffs this year. Count on it!

But who knows? They can screw it up next round against the Wizards or the Hawks.

And hell, there is still enough time for them to screw up this series too.

If I was a Bulls fan, I’d rather be in the lottery right now. Give the team SOME kind of hope for a higher draft pick. Even if it’s just fourteenth, fifteenth, or sixteenth; at least it’s SOMETHING! Not a damn mid to late 20’s pick.

Russell Westbrook Is The MVP, So Stop With The Debates!

I am TIRED of these debates on who should be the NBA MVP for the 2016-2017 season. It’s ridiculous, it’s a travesty, and by all means it’s pretty disgraceful to the likes of Russell Westbrook and what he did this season.

For those of you who may not know, “The Big O” Oscar Robertson set a triple-double record of 41 in a single season that has lasted for roughly 55 years. Then, along came Russ, who decided to show the world he doesn’t need KD, and put up 42. With that, he ended the season with the most triple-dubs EVER in a single season, while AVERAGING a triple-dub with 31.9 ppg, 10.4 apg, and 10.7 rpg

But some would say; “Is that it? Is that all?”

Granted, I agree that there should be more to an MVP resumé than just a single statistic; but to just shrug off an amazing feat such as this is highly illogical to say the least.

Not only are his statistical feats astounding, but the team that he is currently on makes his case for MVP even stronger.

For one, OKC would be GARBAGE without Russ. They would be nowhere near the playoffs, much less contending for a playoff spot. They would be on the outside, looking in, and would already be sitting at home waiting for the draft.

But the Rockets, on the other hand, would still be relatively good without Harden. With the landscape of the Western Conference, the Rockets would still easily be a 8th seed, if not a boarder line playoff contender.

The Rockets also had a much more well-rounded squad to use compared to the Thunder. In Houston, there were about five other players not named James Harden who were able to average double-digit points per game (even though Lou Williams only played 23 games this season during his tenure in Texas.)

And when you compare that to the Thunder, you will only find three other players that averaged double digit points. OKC does not have a stable core to work with, and Russ had to do everything in order to make this team succeed. He lead the team in scoring, distributed the ball in order to make his team better, and even played bigger than his height by leading his team in boards.

So don’t try to tell me that Harden had a more successful season than Westbrook. Don’t try to tell me that he is the MVP. Any way you spin it, he was not the best player this year.

Can You Build The Best Starting Five With The Spin Of A Wheel?

One of my favorite channels that I’ve come across on YouTube is run by an NBA 2K player, Krispy Flakes. On this channel, Krispy completes various challenges using the video game NBA 2K.

One of these challenges is the Wheel of Rebuild challenge, where he spins a wheel filled with all of the teams in the NBA ten times, and he tries to build a team that can go 82-0 in a season.

This is a great, innovative idea, and I wanted to try my hand at it.

However, I only spun the wheel five times, with the goal of creating the best starting five possible.


Spin 1:  For my first spin, I was ecstatic to see the Wheel land on the Oklahoma City Thunder.

This was quite honestly the EASIEST pick I would make, since I was looking for the best player possible to help lead my team. And who better to pick up with spin #1 than, the triple-double machine, Russell Westbrook at point guard.

Westbrook is without a doubt the best possible player on the OKC roster now, and with his ability to do it all on the court, he will be the perfect PG for my team.


Spin 2: The second spin was not as kind to me, as the Wheel landed on the very young team from California, known as the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is a difficult decision, since there are alot of great players left on the board, and I didn’t want to waste a spot.

With Westbrook being very ball-dominant, and known for attacking the basket quite often, I really wanted to look for a perimeter shooter; such as Lou Williams.

The problem with that is, Williams has basically come off the bench for his entire career, and is NOW having the best season of his career.

Having said that, there are plenty of quality shooters out there that I can still get, so I shouldn’t really put all my eggs in the Lou Williams basket.

So for my second spin, I’m going to go with Julius Randle. He’s a young big-man who is averaging 13 pts and 8 boards a game.

Since I am a big believer in the 3-point shot, we will need a big man to be a monster in the paint to corral any shots not converted.


Spin 3: With my third spin, the Wheel tasked me with choosing from the Memphis Grizzlies.

With this pick, I would have been a FOOL not to choose Marc Gasol for my center.

Gasol, an eight year vet, is averaging 20.6 pts and 6 boards per game. He is the best player in Memphis right now, and a dominant scorer in the post.

In addition, I already had Westbrook, so I didn’t need another PG in Mike Conley. So this was basically a no brainer.


Spin 4: The wheel hated me at this point. For my fourth pick, I was given the Dallas Mavericks. With Shooting Guard and Small Forward left to fill, the choices were very slim.

I still needed a quality perimeter shooter to give the squad a long-range threat. The only guard that really fit that role was Wesley Matthews.

Matthews, averaging 15 pts a game this year, is a career 38.6% shooter from behind the arch. His long-range game would give Westbrook someone to dish out to if need be, and would come to be very necessary in clutch situations.


Spin 5: The final spin for my starting five landed on the New York Knicks.

So basically, Carmelo Anthony, welcome to the squad.

This was a less-than-ideal situations in my book, since Westbrook and Anthony both are very ball-dominant players. They expect the lion’s share of the shots on their respective teams, and that could prove to be very detrimental to the overall success of my team.

But he needs to be the SF of my team. Who else am I going to pick from the Knicks? Lance Thomas? Mindaugas Kuzminskas? NOT A CHANCE!


Overall: This is not the greatest team that could have been assembled, but it’s not horrible.

To start, Julius Randle and Marc Gasol provide the team with the big bodies it needs to crash the boards. The problem is, Randle is not the strongest scorer at this point of his career, and Gasol would need to adapt his game to become a more dominant rebounder.

Wesley Matthews and Carmelo Anthony will give us the long-range threat we will need, while Russ can be the all-around slasher and sniper to lead the team.

The only problem is, as stated before, Westbrook and Carmelo will both want the ball. Chemistry needs to be built with this team before any winning can happen.

In the end, I see this team being the 4th seed in the East or the 7th seed in the West.


THANK YOU: There are two people I have to thank for the making of this article.

The first would be YouTuber, Krispy Flakes, who inspired me with his idea for the Wheel Of Rebuild challenge. If you would like to see more of his content, please go to the link below which will bring you to his YouTube channel:

Then, if you would like to try one of these yourself, you can go make your own Wheel at the website “Wheel Decide,” located here:

Weekly Sports World Podcast EPISODE 1:

I’ve been running this site for a little over two years now; mostly writing various articles about whatever topics I want to talk about.

But then it occurred to me, what if I step this up a notch?

So I’ve done just that, and created the Weekly Sports World Podcast.

This podcast basically consists of me just bantering about whatever sports topics I want to talk about for that week.

I have to say though, recording this was EXTREMELY new for me. I’m not use to all of this video and audio editing, and I’m not use to recording my voice like that for a long stretch of time.

But, I’m still practicing, and these will SURELY get better with time.

So, with that being said, I hope you enjoy the very first episode.