Snackage After Close: Pasta And Garlic Bread


Pasta and Garlic Bread……..where can you go wrong? It’s like the greatest combination of two foods in one meal since……..since…….EVER!

I don’t know if I was just craving carbs all shift or what, but nothing else sounded any better than a heaping plate of pasta with a side of garlic bread.

But not just any pasta, oh no! I’m talking about a steaming hot pile of penne pasta, smothered in a large helping of marinara sauce. Super simple, super easy, and super quick.

But to top it off, you have to have meatballs with your pasta as well. And with meatballs, it depends on how you like to serve them. You could put them in with the pasta whole; but I’ve also heard of some people chopping/crumbling them up and mixing them in. Whichever you prefer is your prerogative.



To wrap it all up, garlic bread is a MUST with pasta. But it can’t just be a normal slice of bread that you get for peanut butter and jelly; it has to be a good bread. It needs to be one of those warm loafs of bread from the bakery, like a sourdough or a baguette. Any other kind would just be a waste of time.

Overall, carbs will never let you down. You could be having just the shittiest of days, but a bowl of pasta and garlic bread has the power to pick you right back up. And you better believe it, it will pick my ass up when I am home.


Do you agree with my meal of choice? Or do you like your pasta and garlic bread served a different way? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts;


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You Will NEVER Catch Me In A Pair Of Skinny Jeans


I have nothing against people who wear skinny jeans; whatever you like is your prerogative. But I’m just saying you will never catch me in a pair of them.

In this world, there are three kinds of people; people that want to look nice, people that want to be comfy, and people who want to be in the middle.

I, am one of the comfy ones. I enjoy wearing sweats, or larger jeans because it feels comfortable to me. In larger pairs of pants, I have a much wider range of motion. I am able to lift my legs higher, (if need be), than with skinny jeans. And, when I put items like my phone or keys in my pockets, it doesn’t feel like they are driving into my skin.

But, and this is the most important part in my book, my nuts can breath!

Now, without going into too much detail, I basically just need some room up front. I can’t be having my pants constricting like that. I get itchy, claustrophobic, and am one slight flick away from extreme torture.

But with skinny jeans, the fabric is just getting all up in my business. For one, my keys feel like they are about to puncture my skin. And also, if you look really close, you could probably read my text messages from my phone being pressed up against the fabric so tight.

And don’t get me started on shirts either. There better be enough room in both the sleeves and the midsection for air flow. Because I don’t want to be worrying about pulling the back of my shirt down all day/night while I’m trying to have a good time.

Basically, to sum it all up; tight clothes are irritating. They get in the way, and as the day goes on they become a nuisance. If I can’t do jumping jacks, or even just reach something on a high shelf, I know that whatever I’m wearing is TOO DAMN TIGHT!


Do you enjoy tight-fitting clothes? Or are you like me and enjoy your comfy clothes? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts;


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The Slam Dunk Contest Could Be Better…


This year’s NBA Slam Dunk contest has fielded a very interesting group of dunkers. We will see the return of Victor Oladipo to the contest, who was the runner-up to Zach LaVine back in 2015.

In addition to Oladipo, the world will also see the debut of three new dunkers; Larry Nance Jr. of the Cavs, Dennis Smith Jr. of the Mavericks, and Donovan Mitchell of the Jazz.

But honestly, there is a better Slam Dunk contest out there. (Personally, I would want Aaron Gordon in my Slam Dunk contest, but he had to withdraw from the original group due to injury.)

1. Donovan Mitchell and Dennis Smith Jr. are the two PERFECT members from these four that I would want in my Slam Dunk Contest. Mitchell, the rookie guard from the Utah Jazz has been putting on a show this season; averaging 19.5 points per game and putting up monstrous dunk highlight after highlight. There’s nothing that I want more than to see the ‘rook’ make his debut this year during All-Star Weekend.

Now granted, I would love to add Aaron Gordon to this contest as well. Having the opportunity to see LaVine vs. Gordon again AND Vince Carter make his return in the same contest would be a dream come true. But since Gordon is injured, Dennis Smith Jr. is the perfect replacement for him. Smith has got the Mavs rocking, and I feel like he has some tricks up his sleeve come Saturday.

2. One of the greatest, if not THE greatest dunker of all time Vince Carter is 41 this season. He is the oldest active player in the NBA right now, and he NEEDS to make one more appearance in a Slam Dunk Contest before he retires. I mean just look up some highlights of him dunking this season; he’s still got life in those legs.

Granted, we will probably not see the “cookie jar” again, but he would still be able to put on a show. And just the name itself, Vince Carter, in the Slam Dunk contest would be a viewership draw.

3. If you’re going to bring the “old school” of Vince Carter back one more time, then you have to bring the “new school” of Zach LaVine back as well. Seeing LaVine and Carter going back and forth for one contest would be just a dream in itself. It would be like the “passing of the torch” in some respects.


I understand that all of this is a major “what if” scenario, but it is truly possible. I mean, anything is possible in sports, right?


Do you agree with my selections? Or do you have a better Slam Dunk contest in mind? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts;


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Simplicity Is KEY With Coffee…


The more simple the coffee order, the less time you’ll spend in line. This is truth, believe me.

Now, this may sound similar to my previous article about fast-food drive thru’s (Just Go In To Get Your Damn Food), but it still needs to be said.

Each one of these coffee places is the same, but different in their own right. They have the regular coffee that they pour out of the big-ass container behind the counter. But, they also have various other fancy drinks.

When I say fancy drinks, I’m talking FANCY drinks. You know, those double chocolatey, whipped cream topped, sugar coma inducing beverages. Basically, these are the drinks that take the barista roughly two(ish) minutes to make on a good, slow day. But if there’s a rush, per usual, you will probably be waiting at the other end of the counter anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

To be honest, the time I really noticed this was in college.

At the busiest coffee shop on campus, kids would order the most convoluted beverages they could. Then, they would spend roughly 5-10 minutes waiting for said coffee due to the large amount of orders spilling in.

When I got there, I would end up ordering my SIMPLE CUP OF COFFEE. I would swipe my card, they would pour it out of the big-ass container on the spot, and off I went.

My favorite part about this though was having to pass by the students at the end of the counter waiting for their convoluted concoctions. I would always get one or two “stink eyes” when they looked up from their phones, annoyed that I got my order before they did.

To combat that, I would simply walk by and give them a wink and a smile. Nothing got them more peeved than my goofy smile walking past them as they stood their waiting for their beverages.

But damn did I enjoy that!

These unnecessarily long coffee orders just take away the simplicity of it all. Everyone complains about how we have become a more complex society, and yet they waste the time of a seventeen-year-old in an apron by rattling off their novel sized order.

They will complain that they don’t have enough time to do something, and yet they will wait in the drive-thru with the fifteen other coffee snobs.

Just simplify your life, and simplify your order. You’ll get your coffee faster, and you won’t be late for whatever the hell you are about to do.


Are you one of these coffee drinkers? Or do you just get the cheapest drink on the menu? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts;


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No Founder’s Day Podcast This Week


Unfortunately, I am sad to say that there will be no Founder’s Day Podcast this week. I am having some audio troubles on my end that are preventing me from recording the show. As of right now, they should be fixed before next Tuesday.

But until then, the opening topic for next week will be annoying changes in the world that you want to go away. I want to hear your stories about how back in the day, the world was a much simpler place.

(Please, don’t break out the walkers when you call in…)

This idea is stemming from two articles that I have written on Weekly Sports World. One that I posted a few days ago (Just Go In To Get Your Damn Food!) and one that will be posted later on tonight (Simplicity is KEY with coffee…).

To join in, all you have to do is call (708)-820-8157 and leave a message.

And I will see you all next week.

(Standard data and messaging rates may apply. Calls from outside U.S. and Canada may not work due to carrier.)


My Wizards vs. Bulls Postgame Report



This past Saturday, C.S. and I had the privilege of seeing the Washington Wizards face off against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. Through a mutual acquaintance, we got two free tickets in a PRIME location; just a little past the basket in the 200 section, and the perfect distance to the BEER!

But that game…….good LORD it was something else.

It started off with a bang! Robin Lopez had a nice block on Marcin Gortat to open it up. Then, on the other end of the floor, Lopez gave the Bulls the lead with a jumper from 19 feet out to make it 2-0.

………..then they didn’t have a lead THE REST OF THE GAME.

There’s also Tomas Satoransky, and how the Bulls made him look like a perennial All-Star throughout the game. In thirty-seven minutes of play, Satoransky put up 25 points on 5-6 shooting from behind the arc.

Let me put this in perspective for everyone; this is the BACKUP to John Wall. As of writing this on 2/12, Satoransky is averaging six points in 18 minutes per game on the year. He should NOT be putting up numbers like this.

But, yet again, the Bulls showed AGAIN how much of a dumpster fire they are.

Let’s get something straight here though, this is the first Bulls game that I have attended since Derrick Rose was on the team. So I haven’t gotten the chance to see how this team plays live.

Now I have…….and NOW I am actually missing Derrick and the old crew. (I know, SHOCKER right?)

But in the end, it was a fun experience. I want to thank C.S. for joining me on this journey to the United Center. Without you, I would have been sitting there like a sad sack of crap watching a shitty team get their ass kicked.


But I want to hear your thoughts on the Bulls. I want to hear about your experiences at a professional basketball game. Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts;


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Just Go In To Get Your Damn Food!


A few days ago, I was visiting my local fast food establishment to partake in a double-cheese burger with a side of french fries. I entered the parking lot and to NO surprise at all, the drive-thru was ten cars deep.

Now instead of waiting in that crap, I decided to just park and walk in the building with the hopes of a much shorter wait time. And you know what, it WAS! There was NO ONE waiting in line inside of the building. The woman at the register even had the time to greet me upon entering the building because she wasn’t taking care of anyone at the time.

To make a long story short, the amount of time between parking and getting back into my car with my food LITERALLY took under 2 minutes. I was in, out, DONE! Meanwhile, there were still multiple cars waiting in the drive-thru who haven’t even gotten their food yet.

Now some may argue about “convenience” and the “weather” being cold. But I’ll counter that with “y’all are just LAZY!” No one wants to leave their car to actually go and get their food. All they want is to drive up to the little window, pay, and go on their way.

Now for those that think this is more “time-efficient” for them, it’s NOT! And I’m living proof of that. So next time there’s a long line in the drive-thru, just park your damn car and walk in the building. You’ll thank me later how quick it will go.


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Dan Gilbert Is Preparing For The Inevitable!


Now that the NBA Trade Deadline news has died down, let’s take a look at some of the biggest news to come out of February 8th.

The most noticeable one is the revamped Cleveland Cavaliers roster, that basically got dismantled and rebuilt within a 90 minute span.

On February 8th, the Cavs got;

  • Rodney Hood
  • Jordan Clarkson
  • George Hill
  • Larry Nance

And they gave up;

  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Derrick Rose
  • Jae Crowder
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Iman Shumpert
  • Channing Frye

But during the trade deadline, all I could see on my Twitter newsfeed was fans making jokes about Lebron leaving at seasons end cause of these trades.

Guess what folks, he’s GONE! Era 2.0 of Lebron in “The Land” is about to end once this season is over, and he’s going to head out west to join the Lakers. I do NOT see him staying past this season and in my opinion, neither does Dan Gilbert and co.

Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is just preparing for the inevitable departure of Lebron James. He’s selling what he has for some younger talent, and he’s just going to let Lebron run out his contract until it’s over. Then, once he’s gone, the rebuild will commence.

For one, look at the players that they got. Clarkson and Nance, for instance, were two pivotal pieces in the Lakers youth movement. Clarkson is a talented guard that can play PG and SG, while Nance gives you a presence in the paint that still has some room to grow.

Then you have Rodney Hood. Personally, I am a big fan of Rodney Hood. Since the year he was drafted, I was hoping my Chicago Bulls would find a way to get him on the squad.

But they didn’t…….since they are the DAMN BULLS.

But I digress.

Rodney Hood is a great young scorer, who has been pretty consistent from 3 this season; (.389). With him and Clarkson on the floor developing at the same time, the Cavs quite possibly could have one of the best backcourts in the league very soon.

Then you have George Hill, who quite honestly is one of the most consistent vets in the league in my opinion. He might not outscore the rest of his team, but he’s always there and he can help guys like Hood and Clarkson develop while he’s in Cleveland.

But in the end, Dan Gilbert is preparing for the inevitable. He’s been through this before when Lebron left for Miami, and he wants to be as ready as possible for when that time comes.


But what are your thoughts on the Cavs future? Do you think these trades were good or bad for the future of the team? Let us know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages;


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Snackage After Close: Nachos

After I’m done closing at work, I always get home just craving different foods. Whether it’s chicken wings, chips and salsa, or a burger, food is ALWAYS on my mind when I clock out at close. So I thought, why not share some of these ideas with you guys.

So tonight, throughout the last hour of work, I was just craving nachos. For some reason, a nice steaming hot plate of nachos sounded like the greatest food in the world to me. But not just any nachos….

Imagine, you get yourself those “scoop” chips to help hold everything inside. These are essential to keep the cheese and other various toppings from slipping away.

Then, you sprinkle an array of cheeses on top; cheddar, mozzerella, etc.. Add as little or as much as you want; this will allow your nachos to have a variety of flavors in the end. But before you go any further, you MUST melt this cheese a bit to start the “cheeseification” process.

Once that is completed, take some melted cheese sauce and cover the center of the chips, spiraling outward. Not to much though, just enough so that you have a perfect cheese-to-chip ratio. And make sure to NOT pour the cheese around the outer sides of your plate, or else you will not be able to pick up your chips successfully.

Topping it all off would be crumbled bacon bits, onions, scallions, and peppers. Even though it might just be for you, you gotta go all out! Make it professional looking, like they came off a cooking show set.


What do you think though? Would you try these nachos? Or do you have any other nacho recipes/ideas? Let us know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media accounts.


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Drinking Forties: A Blessing And A Curse


People may tell you that forties can be a blessing and a curse sometimes. And I’m here to walk you down the crazy road of why….

But since I’m here to teach you about beers, I should explain what a forty is to those who are unaware. A forty, in the most SIMPLEST TERMS, is a forty ounce beer. (I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain this. But anyway, I digress).

Blessing: IT’S FORTY OUNCES OF BEER! You are literally holding on to 3+ beers at once without having to get up and grab another. Next to a personal mini-keg, this is the most convenient portable brew container out there.

Not only that, but it’s perfect for parties where you need to bring just enough to get you through the night. They’re perfect for when the case of beer you got is just not enough, and you need just a little bit more to cap it all off.

Curse: A warm beer is something we FEAR, and that’s the case with a forty. If you want to buy yourself a personal forty, it’s going to get very warm very quick. I mean, you could easily pour it into a glass each time you want a beer while you keep it in the fridge. But where’s the convenience in that?

Instead, you should go with the 40 oz. beer cooling sleeve, (rhymes with boozy). It’ll help keep your brew cool longer while enjoying the sweet convenience of your forty ounces of beer.

The only other problem you may have with a forty is the dirty looks you get from others. People staring while you take a swig from it, judging. Honestly, they sort of have a right to judge, since this isn’t college anymore. But you know what to say to that?

“People like you make me want to drink like this.”

Forties are a commodity that don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. They sit on the shelves of convenience stores just waiting to be purchased by shoppers. All I am trying to do is teach my fellow man about the importance of the forty, and what can come from it. But above all, we all just need to;



What are your thoughts on forties? Make sure to let us know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages;


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