Hello! And welcome to the official Weekly Sports World page!
Weekly Sports World is a page that provides opinion pieces on various topics that may be happening around the world. On Weekly Sports World, we live by the tagline; “Sports, Brews, Lifestyle.”

But what do we mean necessarily?

Well Sports, to start off with, is plain and simple. There will always be sports on this page, and we will continue to bring sports topics on this page as well.

But in addition to that, Brews will also be a driving factor for Weekly Sports World. We love our beer, and we want to share that with you. So if we find a cool bar, a new beer, or just any topic about beer, we will let you know.

Then, there’s Lifestyle. Lifestyle is where we talk about anything happening in the world. We want to open up to any other topics that might be interesting to the readers. Topics would include pop culture, movies, music, fashion, life, and everything in between.


FOUNDER: Kellen Sherman – The founder and CEO of Weekly Sports World, Kellen is a HUGE sports fan who loves to extend the conversation to the fans. Being a devoted Chicago sports fan, Kellen knows what it’s like to grow up in a sports town.

Writer: C.S.- Brings his old soul, blunt, down to earth sense of comedy to the lifestyle & brew section of Weekly Sports World.

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  1. Great blog! Keep it coming.


  2. Very Good Love the direct and concise approach..


  3. Great you’re doing this. The best way to improve is to write frequently. Good work!


  4. Great writing guys! Keep it up!


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