If Lebron Is Heading To The Lakers, Then He Is Bringing Someone Along With Him!

There are multiple teams on Lebron’s list this summer, with the odds swaying back and forth with each passing minute. But one constant in this “frenzy,” has stayed the same; the Lakers are one of the favorites to land the three-time champion, (allegedly).

The problem I have with that is the last two teams he left for (Miami and Cleveland), had MULTIPLE former All-Stars on the team. The Heat, for one, had Dwyane Wade already on the roster, and they brought in Chris Bosh to round out their team.

Then when he came back to Cleveland, he already had Kyrie Irving and brought in Kevin Love to complete his second “superteam” in however many years.

(Yes, I know Kevin Love wasn’t exactly what he was in Minnesota. But at the time of his arrival it was a BIG DEAL, and created the original “superteam” that Lebron was looking for.)

But now, the Lakers are (allegedly) the favorite to sign James this offseason? A team that won only 35 games last season, and whos’ leading scorers were Julius Randle, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram with 16.1 PPG a piece. It doesn’t make any sense!

Sure, guys like Kuzma looked great, and have potential to be stars in this league down the road. But this roster with just Lebron added to it is NOT going to win him a ring NOW! In fact, I’d be surprised if they would even make it to the second round of the playoffs in a much TOUGHER Western Conference.

That’s why if he’s heading out West, someone is coming with him. Whether it’s Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, or anybody else; I would be HIGHLY surprised if we don’t see a partner-in-crime joining him out there.

But hey, I could be WAY OFF. He might decide to go to Houston and join his buddy Chris Paul. He might try and head to Philly and join Embiid and Simmons in their quest for immortality.

As to where he’s not going, I would be willing to guess that the Warriors are very LOW on his list. If I was Lebron, I wouldn’t want to join the team that just swept me out of the championship series. That would just be insane.


But where do you have Lebron going this summer? Will he be heading to the Lakers? Or somewhere else? Let me know in the comments section below…


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