Being A “Trophy Husband” Isn’t A Bad Thing…..

Throughout my life, I’ve always had the belief that a man should be able to provide for his family. I know it’s an old-school way of thought, but that’s just what I believed. A man should be able to make a decent living for when he comes home, his family is happy and healthy.

But as the world continues to grow and change, so does our society. Women are making alot more money nowadays, making the “men providing” aspect very rare. Now I’m not saying that everything is equal yet, (and it should be). But as a society we HAVE made progress.

Having said that, since women have gained alot more traction in business nowadays, what’s wrong with a guy being a “trophy husband?” What’s wrong with the woman making all the money? I mean, women making money is a cultural norm now, right?

Honestly, I don’t see any problem with it. If my wife wants to be a world-renowned brain surgeon, by all means HAVE AT IT! I’ll be sitting by the pool drinking beer, and finding time to “workout” to keep that trophy physique intact. That’s not a problem for me.

Now I know, someone is going to read this and think; “What an asshole! He’s going to make his wife work while he does nothing?” First off, I wouldn’t be MAKING her work. That’s just an ignorant way of thinking. All I’m saying is if her paycheck can pay the bills and allow us to live a great life, then what’s the need of me working?


What are your thoughts on the matter? Let me know in the comments below.

(For those that will be “hurt” by this article, it was written in fun and jest. None of this is real, I’m just writing it to make a point. It’s still sad that I have to write this here.)

1 comment on “Being A “Trophy Husband” Isn’t A Bad Thing…..

  1. You are so 1950s. Lol


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