Snackage After Close: Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

You’re DAMN RIGHT it’s time for dessert. I mean come on, when is it not?

So, the WHOLE time that I was at work, I was craving something sweet. But not just anything sweet; I was craving chocolate. I was craving a double chocolate fudge cake.

You know the kind of cake I’m talking about; the multi-layered chocolate cake with chocolate fudge smooshed between each layer. The fudge oozing down along the side of each slice as you cut the cake.

Then, you have the frosting. And I know as well as anyone does, the frosting is one of the best parts of the cake. The ideal cake though has just enough frosting on it; not too much where it overpowers the slice, but not too little where all you taste is cake. And it has to be on the top and the back of the slice, none of this one or the other B.S. that you see sometimes.

To top it off though, chocolate chips would ABSOLUTELY help add a little something extra to this sweet treat. The best placement for these would be around the outer side of the cake, where the most chips can be placed. They would end up adding the necessary crunch and texture variety to make your cake absolutely perfect.

Now, if you want to get creative, try either grinding or chopping the chocolate chips up and putting them INSIDE the cake along with the fudge. You don’t want to have these pieces be too large or else it won’t be as appetizing. The optimal size would be small enough to be mixed into the fudge without many noticeable chunks, but still large enough to get a nice crunch.

To be quite honest, beer and chocolate cake sounds like a bad combination. Granted, once the dessert comes out, you are probably already too far gone to even notice. But for tasting purposes, you might want to find an alternative to that.


What is your ideal type of cake? What kind of beverage would you consider having with your cake? Let me know in the comments below.

1 comment on “Snackage After Close: Double Chocolate Fudge Cake

  1. Try Mariano’s chocolate chip cupcake. You just described it.

    And for the mother piece.
    Go to P. F. Chang’s and get
    The Great Wall of China.

    You must drink milk with this.
    No beer here! Lol


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