Weekly Sports World Podcast EPISODE 1:

I’ve been running this site for a little over two years now; mostly writing various articles about whatever topics I want to talk about.

But then it occurred to me, what if I step this up a notch?

So I’ve done just that, and created the Weekly Sports World Podcast.

This podcast basically consists of me just bantering about whatever sports topics I want to talk about for that week.

I have to say though, recording this was EXTREMELY new for me. I’m not use to all of this video and audio editing, and I’m not use to recording my voice like that for a long stretch of time.

But, I’m still practicing, and these will SURELY get better with time.

So, with that being said, I hope you enjoy the very first episode.


One thought on “Weekly Sports World Podcast EPISODE 1:

  1. Scot g Wasilk

    Falcons played prevent. Which prevented them from winning.

    Terrell Owens will be looked upon in a negative light because of his antics.

    Lebron is lebron. He can talk the talk because he won.

    Suggestion. When you switch topics have sounds like cowbell kazoo or some crazy sound. That would make it clear your switching topics. Or nfl nba theme music.

    Very nice first show. It will get better as you practice.


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