The Bears Just Continue To Disappoint! (This Is A Rant)

I didn’t expect alot from the Bears this season, I really didn’t. Disappointment was clearly on the horizon.

I knew they were not going to make it to the playoffs. I knew Jay Cutler was going to be his normal, “mediocre” self. It was just inevitable.

But with the NFL Draft just a few short months away and the #2 overall pick inches away from Chicago’s grasp, it seemed like the outcome for this season would surely turn around.

Then, the 49er game happened….

For those of you who may not know, the Bears had a chance to move up to the #2 overall pick in the 2017 Draft with a loss against the 49ers. But, ONCE AGAIN, they continue to disappoint.

The Bears ended up winning that game 26-6 to move to a 3-9 record on the season.

It was that one game, that ONE GAME you want your team to actually lose, and they disappoint you again.

Yes, I know that sounds off, I get it. But with only three wins on the season, I’ll take whatever happiness I can get.

Now, after yet ANOTHER loss on the season to Detroit the following week, the Bears are sitting with the fourth worst record in the NFL, which translates to the fourth overall pick. But if they stay at four, how should they use it?

It’s simple, QUARTERBACK!!! Don’t give me this garbage about how John Fox is a defensive minded coach, because I am sick of it. It’s time to invest in a new QB for the future.

People need to get over the Jay Cutler craze and realize, NOTHING is going to happen with that man in Chicago. If this Chicago fanbase is going to continue to instill their trust in this man, then all they will get in return is a leech sucking a franchise dry of cap room.

And don’t try and convince me that Matt Barkley is the answer. Cause I’ll agree, he’s looked decent in his last four starts. But it’s been four games people. And as a proverbial backup his entire three year career, not to mention him being a free agent this coming offseason, I’m not ready to just hand the keys to the franchise over to him.

If you want Barkley so bad, bring in a Kaiser, or a Watson from the draft and make them EARN THAT SPOT IN CAMP!

But hey, what do I know. I don’t own a team. I’m not a GM.

But I do have common sense, and I know if something has been broken for roughly eight years, you should probably fix it.