5 Things To Get You Ready For Football Season!

It’s almost here folks, the 2016-2017 NFL season is just a short two and a half months away. But the question is, what should you do in order to prepare for such a momentous annual occasion? Well, here at Weekly Sports World, I’m here to help answer that question!

1. Prepare Your Fantasy Teams: Now you might be saying to yourself; “Hey Kellen, it’s too early to think about my fantasy team?” Absolutely not! There are countless resources at your disposal that can help you achieve Fantasy Football Greatness when it is all said and done.

Dollar store fantasy guides, TV shows, insider info online, apps; these are all waiting for you in order to make you the king of your league. So don’t let Claudia, who won your office league last year after consulting her seven cats all season long about football decisions, beat you again this year. Be prepared, watch film, do your research, and take this ‘ship home.

2. Binge Watch “The League” on Netflix: Since we are on the topic of Fantasy Football, another thing that can prepare you for the upcoming football season would be “binge watching” all seven seasons of “The League” on Netflix.

For those who may not know, “The League” was a television series that lasted seven seasons. The show follows a group of six dysfunctional friends on their journey to Fantasy Football gold in their own league. In addition, the show also follows through the group’s personal lives as well, with many hilarious shenanigans playing out in the process.

“The League” helps to fill the void of football with it’s unique mixture of raunchy comedy, the familiar faces of top NFL talent making cameos, and above all else, FOOTBALL!

3. Backyard Football Tournaments: Who wouldn’t want to be Jerry Rice catching a deep bomb in the endzone? Or LT racing down the sideline after a big run? Well, you can do that too! (But how about we go by our regular names instead, since a majority of the people who read that are well over the age of 10? We’re grown adults, let’s act like it!)

Nothing breaks those off-season blues like getting onto the field and playing the game you love. Just get a couple of your buddies together, find a field, and you’re good.

4. Madden Tournaments: Not only can you control the game in the real world, but you can also do so in the virtual world. (And with this, you won’t need to worry about feeling like a child actually calling out players names.)

5. Simulating Madden Games: Lord have mercy, please do not sink this low! For those who may not understand, when I say “simulated,” I mean picking two teams and having the gaming system control both instead of a player controlling one or the other.

Simulating football games on a video game system is a serious concern when dealing with Football Withdrawal, and could lead to some complications that will stay with you for years. If you experience this symptom yourself, we recommend watching the “Greatest Follies” compilation, and Super Bowl XIII. (Because who doesn’t love watching the Cowboys lose?)



To The Derrick Defenders:

For those of you who currently do not possess any form of contact with the outside world, (TV, Radio, Internet, etc…), the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks have made a monumental trade which sent Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, and Chicago’s 2nd round draft pick next year to NY for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon.

But this is a message to the “Derrick Defenders,” and that message is to LET HIM GO! The Bulls are trying to win a title, and they don’t need a 28-year old, overpaid point guard with a history of major injuries sitting on the roster.

Now I know that this trade with the Knicks isn’t the greatest trade that the Bulls could have made, that one is for damn sure. But looking at the big picture, this trade was not as horrible as people are making it out to be, and is the first step to the rebuild that they need.

Robin Lopez, to start, put up 10.3 points, 7.3 boards, and 1.6 blocks per game last season with the Knicks.

Now please, find a big guy on the Bulls not named Pau Gasol that averaged more points than Robin Lopez last year? Hang on, let me help, you will find ONE, and that one would be Nikola Mirotic, who averaged 11.8 in 16 less games than Lopez.

Another reason to talk up Lopez would be because the Bulls are losing key members of the roster to free agency in Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, and Taj Gibson next offseason. They can’t afford any big names in free agency with Rose’s contract on the books, so the next best option is finding a journey man for now like Lopez.

The Bulls also added two point guards in Jerian Grant and Jose Calderdon, who will help bolster an already depleted position on the team. Calderon will give the Bulls a veteran guard who can provide minutes off of the bench for the squad, while Grant will continue to develop and grow from the teachings of offensive-minded coach Fred Hoiberg.

And, let’s not forget to mention that they just covered three positions that they desperately needed at the expense of one guy’s paycheck. Can you say “spending money?” Can you say “free agency?”

But regardless if you agree with the trade or not, getting rid of Rose is a necessary move for Chicago. He can become a liability at the drop of a hat, and the Bulls needed to get as many possible assets they could for him before his contract expires at the end of this season.

If Rose were to stay in Chicago, it would not provide a positive outcome for the Bulls in the end. At the most, Chicago would have been knocked out in the first round next season, Rose would have become a free agent, and the Bulls would have to pay an OUTRAGEOUS amount if they wanted to keep him around. If they did not want to keep him, then they just let go of a former MVP for absolutely NOTHING in return.

The Bears Should Keep Willie Young; Move Him To Defensive End

Willie Young, arguably the best defensive player on the Chicago Bears right now, is currently in the middle of contract negotiations in hopes for an extension. If Young does not sign an extension by the end of this upcoming season, he will become a free agent at seasons end. You can not let this happen if you are Ryan Pace and the Bears, and hopefully they are doing everything in their power to keep the former NC State grad, as rumors are circulating that they are currently working on keeping him in the Windy City.

But once he’s back, then what? Do you keep Willie at the five-technique and work Leonard Floyd into the defense more? Or do you put the seven year vet behind the up-and-coming rookie?

Actually, you should do none of those. Instead, Vic Fangio should consider shifting Young back to defensive end. You don’t need Willie at OLB with guys like Houston, McPhee and Floyd on the outside, so why not bring him in to improve where you are lacking?

In terms of snap count, you are adding a fresh face in Leonard Floyd to a defense where he is going to need his fair share of reps in order to become well-acclimated with the squad. This will surely deflate the number of reps that the other outside linebackers like Lamarr Houston, Sam Acho, and Willie Young saw the previous season. Young should not be subject to “rotational” snaps on this defense. He has proven himself to be a stud for this franchise. The best way to counteract this would be to give Young starter reps at DE in order to help boost an already depleted line.

At DE, Young will provide an explosiveness out of the three-technique that will give the defense another big body to clog the B gap in the line, while creating havoc in the backfield. He will become an instant upgrade from the likes of Will Sutton and Ego Ferguson, who amassed only 26 tackles and zero sacks combined last season.

If the Bears were to move Young to the line, then they will be down an outside linebacker. Which begs the question, who can they get to replace him?

In walks Mike Neal, formerly of the Green Bay Packers. Neal, seven year veteran out of Purdue, finished the 2015-2016 season with 36 tackles and four sacks as an OLB in Green Bay’s 3-4 D. He would be an absolute steal for the Bears at this point in the offseason, and would provide that much-needed extra body the Bears can shuffle into the mix with the rest of the outside pass rushers.

A simple shift in position such as this can open up many doors for a Bears defense that has fallen far from being “Monsters.” This team needs a change, and this change will do wonders for them.