3 Ideas For Changes To Future NBA All-Star Games

The 2016 NBA All-Star game is officially in the books, and it was another year full of gravity-defying dunks, long distance threes, and non-existent defense. Because of this, this year’s All-Star game ended with the West winning by a monstrous score of 196-173. To put this in perspective, the Air Canada Centre scoreboard only went up to 199, because the reasonable people that installed it probably thought to themselves; “Shit, when the hell is someone going to score 200?”

Even though the players try their best to make it entertaining with different alley-oop variations and jaw-dropping threes, the All-Star game has basically become just one big snooze fest. So, if the All-Star game is going to continue to be like this, then why not add a few changes to make it a little more interesting. Here are 3 ideas I had in mind that would be cool to see; (whether if they are possible or not.)

1. Four Point Line: There has been some very light talk and rumors in the NBA regarding a possible addition of a 4 point line during regular season games. Personally, I believe that this would negatively effect the game of basketball because kids are then going to be taught to go for these long shots, and neglect their post games and driving ability. But, it could be a really good gimmick to add another dimension to the All-Star game. And not only could you use that in the game, but you could possibly implement it into the Three-Point Shootout as well. Maybe make it the final round of the competition?

2. Raise The Hoops: Normally, the guys that are chosen for the NBA All-Star game have the ability to dunk with great ease, (sorry Steph and Isaiah). So, if these guys want to be flashy, why not bump the rim up a bit? Even though this could be a rather minuscule difference to certain players, it will still add another degree of difficulty and intrigue to the game. In addition to that, regarding the three-pointer,  this will also force shooters on the perimeter to adjust their shot to compensate for the change. If the shooters want to throw up 130+ combined threes during the game, then they are going to need to adjust to the raised hoops.

3. Mascots Enter The Game: This game is already somewhat of a joke anyway, so why not add the mascots into it? Every once in a while, you can have one side sub out for five NBA mascots for a couple of possessions. Imagine Benny the Bull, G. Man and other mascots try to score on the likes of Lebron, Durant, or Curry? I mean no one else plays defense, so the mascots should have a decent shot at it.

The All-Star game has been going on since 1951, and it’s really been a game of big names and no defense for a long time. It’s had it’s success, but it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. Honestly, the only reason that I watched the game on Sunday is because it was Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star game. I honestly do not see any of these changes being made, but they could make the game a little more interesting in the future. If you have any other ideas for the future of the NBA All-Star game, please tweet at me, @weekofsports, with the #NBAAllStarIdeas.


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