Opinion: George Karl Will Be “Traded” Soon…..

As of February 9th, 2016, the Sacramento Kings decided against firing their Head Coach George Karl after much speculation that they would let him go before All-Star Weekend. This was an interesting move, since there has been alot of negativity throughout the Kings locker room between Karl and players like DeMarcus Cousins. But, why the sudden change of heart? I think there is more to this story, and I believe that George Karl is going to be used as a piece in a major “trade” later on in the season.

The only reasonable explanation for the Sacramento Kings to retain George Karl has got to be to put him in a trade before the deadline. If you have a star like DeMarcus Cousins who is not happy with the coach, then that is not good for the morale of the team, and one of the two must go. But, since this is a players league, you are more likely to get rid of the coach rather than your All-Star, and the face of your team who is averaging a double-double per game (26.8 pts and 11.1 boards). So, the only two roads that the team could go down when getting rid of a coach are either firing the coach completely, or “trading” him to another team. And, as we have seen, they definitely did not choose the first one.

Right now, there are a few teams who have already fired their Head Coach and are now operating with interim coaches, such as the Cavs with Tyronn Lue, and the Knicks with Kurt Rambis. These could be two possible destinations for the veteran coach Karl, since both Lue and Rambis are relatively new to Head Coaching. If not, another possible destination could be the Chicago Bulls, who have had trouble finding an identity as a unit throughout the entire year. For any one of these teams, especially the Bulls in my opinion, Karl would be able to bring in that veteran presence and hard-nosed coaching style to help give the team an identity.

But, you know, I couldn’t tell you for sure what the Kings will do with Karl. I mean, the Kings have shown that they are very unpredictable when they decided to keep Karl, so anything is possible. I find it HIGHLY unlikely that he will stay with the organization, but at this point, anything can happen.


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