Weekly Sports World Podcast Begins January!

I am happy to announce that Weekly Sports World will be starting a weekly podcast show beginning in January. This show will focus on different sports stories, and my opinions on the matters. The goal for this show is to provide another avenue to express opinions on sports topics besides just the text-based content that has been posted.

A little bit of background before the first podcast airs; it will be a mixture of sports thoughts, game picks, trivia games, and other ideas to keep fans entertained. These shows will be recorded shows, not live (sorry), and will be located on the main page every week in 30-45ish minute segments. Regarding the language being used during the show, this show will not be safe for anyone under the age of 16 without adult supervision. If you don’t like the language that will be used during the show, well then don’t listen to it.

I would also like to keep the fans engaged during the show as well. Fans will have the opportunity to tweet the show throughout the week, and possibly have them read on the podcast when I record it on either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. In addition to that, you can also send messages to the Weekly Sports World Facebook page as well if you don’t happen to have a Twitter. Then, there will soon be a text line where fans could text their questions in as well. You can begin to send in these questions through social media NOW using the hashtag; #TheWorldsPodcast

This show will not replace the articles that are normally posted on this site, just add to the content.

Finally, if you would please SHARE the crap out of this message! Let everyone know!

Finally, I hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season so far, and I hope that everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year.


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