Roger Goodell Needs To Be Fired!

For those who may not know, according to news services, Odell Beckham Jr. has been suspended for one game for his actions against Josh Norman on Sunday, which included a malicious helmet-to-helmet shot to Norman. This needs to be the last nonsensical, moronic decision that Commissioner Goodell will ever make in the NFL. This man needs to be fired from his position so that we can restore some integrity to the decision making of the NFL.

With OBJ, to start, how in the world do you not suspend him for more than one game? I don’t care if tensions were high, and those two were battling the entire game; if you maliciously intend to throw your body at someone like that, you deserve a multiple game suspension. The only reason, in my opinion, that OBJ didn’t receive a longer suspension is because he’s “must see TV” with all of his amazing catches he makes. The NFL and Goodell is afraid that they will lose even more viewers if they were to suspend him for longer, so they kept it small to make it seem like they are doing something.

Then, you also have the assortment of other big stories that occurred in the past, which included the suspensions of Greg Hardy, as well as the “riveting” tales of the New England Patriots and DeflateGate. (I use the word “riveting” in the previous sentence as sarcasm, if you didn’t notice.) At one point, for those who didn’t know, Brady and Hardy ACTUALLY were suspended for four games for their respective infractions. Which lead myself, as well as alot of people across the nation, to think; “So NFL, deflating footballs with relatively no evidence to show for it is equal to assault of a woman?” (Yes, I know Brady got his suspension wiped, I’m talking about before that.)

Combining this mess with the assortment of moronic uniform violations that players have faced this season, and that is a recipe for bad members at the top. Roger Goodell, you’ve done your time in this organization, and now your time is done.



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