Weekly Sports World Weekly Picks: Week 8

Last week, the Weekly Sports World Weekly Picks finished out the week of football with eight wins and six losses out of the fourteen games that were played. There were some close games this past week, and some that were surprising in my book; such as the Raiders beating San Diego by eight points (I honestly thought it would be alot closer with the Chargers coming out victorious). Also, the Redskins pulled that win out of their ass, being down seventeen going into half and only holding the Bucs to six points the entire second half. With all that being said, it’s now time to move on to the eighth week of this 2015 NFL season. So, without further ado, here are Weekly Sports World’s Weekly Picks for Week 8 of the 2015 NFL season;

New England beats Miami

Detroit beats Kansas City

Atlanta beats Tampa Bay

Arizona beats Cleveland

St. Louis beats San Francisco

New York Giants beats New Orleans

Chicago beats Minnesota

San Diego beats Baltimore

Cincinnati beats Pittsburgh

Houston beats Tennessee

New York Jets beat Oakland

Seattle beats Dallas

Denver beats Green Bay

Carolina beats Indianapolis

BYE WEEK: Buffalo, Philadelphia, Washington, Jacksonville

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Weekly Sports World Weekly Picks: Week 7

Last week, the Weekly Sports World Weekly picks were one win above .500 at eight wins and six losses. A couple of things that surprised me this week included the Cardinals vs. Steelers game; where Carson Palmer through for 421 yards and they still lost, as well as the Monday Night Football game being more of a blowout than the close game that I thought it was going to be. But, it’s a new week now, and there are new games to be played. So, without further ado, here are Weekly Sports World’s Weekly Picks for Week 7;

Seattle beats San Francisco

Buffalo beats Jacksonville

Tampa Bay beats Washington

Atlanta beats Tennessee

Indianapolis beats New Orleans

Minnesota beats Detroit

Pittsburgh beats Kansas City

St. Louis beats Cleveland

Miami beats Houston

New York Jets beats New England

San Diego beats Oakland

New York Giants beats Dallas

Carolina beats Philadelphia

Arizona beats Baltimore

BYE WEEK: Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, and Green Bay

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Weekly Sports World Weekly Picks: Week 6

Last week was an ok week for us here at Weekly Sports World as our picks finished with a record of nine wins and five losses for the fifth week of the 2015 NFL Season. There were some teams that ended up surprising us during Week 5, such as the Steelers beating the Chargers on Monday Night Football. But, we have a new week on our hands, so without further ado, here are Weekly Sports World’s picks for Week 6 of the 2015 NFL Season.

Atlanta beats New Orleans

New York Jets beat Washington

Arizona beats Pittsburgh

Minnesota beats Kansas City

Cincinnati beats Buffalo

Chicago beats Detroit

Denver beats Cleveland

Jacksonville beats Houston

Miami beats Tennessee

Seattle beats Carolina

Green Bay beats San Diego

Baltimore beats San Francisco

New England beats Indianapolis

New York Giants beat Philadelphia

BYE WEEKS: Dallas, Oakland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay

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Weekly Sports World Picks: Week 5

After last week, Weekly Sports World’s picks finished with a record of 11 wins and 4 losses. Now regarding last week, there were a few surprises that stood out in my eyes. For one, I did not believe for ONE second that the Chicago Bears were going to beat the Oakland Raiders going into Sunday. But they did, and they were able to get their first win on the season. Secondly, how about Devonta Freeman from Atlanta? Freeman has been on a tear recently, scoring 3 touchdowns each of the past 2 week. But for now, we get to look forward to Week 5 and see what else is in store for us. So now, here are our picks for Week 5 of the 2015 NFL Season.

Indianapolis beats Houston

Kansas City beats Chicago

Cincinnati beats Seattle

Atlanta beats Washington

Tampa Bay beats Jacksonville

New Orleans beats Philadelphia

Baltimore beats Cleveland

Green Bay beats St. Louis

Buffalo beats Tennessee

Arizona beats Detroit

Dallas beats New England

Denver beats Oakland

New York Giants beat San Francisco

San Diego beats Pittsburgh

BYE WEEK: Miami, Minnesota, New York Jets, Carolina

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The Cubs Have Exceeded My Expectations!

For the first time since 2008, the Chicago Cubs are heading to the postseason. This year, the Cubs will be playing the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Wild Card game.

Close to two months ago, I wrote an article saying that I do believe the Cubs will make the postseason, but I do not believe they will make it to the World Series this year. During the course of those two months, the Cubs have definitely exceeded my expectations. In the beginning, I thought they were going to be a Wild Card team that was going to win 85ish games, get a Wild Card spot, and surprise some people in the playoffs.

Now, as of October 1st, the Cubs have the third best record in the majors, but are only third in the National League Central. I am just shocked at how tough their division actually is, and the fact that they could be leading ANY OTHER division in baseball right now. Their relatively young team has outplayed some of the game’s best, showing the world that they are coming and they are going to be good for years to come. One of those teams included in there is the Pittsburgh Pirates, who the Cubs will be competing against in the 2015 National League Wild Card game.

Most likely, we will be seeing Jake Arrieta of the Chicago Cubs going up against Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates. These are two of the best pitchers in the game going against each other under the bright lights of postseason baseball, and matching them with two high powered offenses, this will surely be “Game of the Year” material. But if I had to pick a winning pitcher to come out of this game, I would have to pick Arrieta because of the incredible run he has been on. Jake Arrieta has an ERA of 0.43 and 0.45 in the months of August and September respectively, and has an ERA of 0.75 against the Pirates this year. Not taking anything away from Gerrit Cole, because he is a phenomenal pitcher, but Arrieta has without question been the more dominant pitcher of the two. When it comes down to it, I see Jake Arrieta walking into the NL Wild Card game, under the bright lights, and showing the world why he should be mentioned among the leagues best.

But Arrieta can’t do it alone, the Chicago Cubs bats needs to get after Gerrit Cole early and not let up. If not, Gerrit Cole has the talent to shut games down AND the postseason experience that will “hopefully” keep him calm under pressure. One key player that will need to help contribute to this game for the Cubs is Jorge Soler. Soler, who just recently came back September 18th after a stint on the DL, has only been hitting .217 in the month of September. This .217 average of his is significantly down from his average during the month of August of .284. Now depending on how Joe Maddon decides to play Soler and his fellow outfielder Chris Coghlan remains to be seen, but Soler needs to be ready whenever his number is called and bring that “August” Jorge with him. He’s got great power to make an impact in the game, but he needs to show it when it matters.

Overall, with the way the Cubs have been playing this year, I can definitely say that I believe! I believe that this game is going to be a classic, and I believe the Cubs have a great chance to make a serious impact in the playoffs. The intensity of this game will be electric, and the players will surely be fired up. All in all, the Cubs have the talent and the ability to beat the Pirates, they just need to bring it. So, to all of the baseball fans out there, get ready for Wednesday!


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Weekly Sports World Weekly Picks: Week 4

We are now three weeks into the 2015 NFL Season, and there are many surprises to the start of the season. Revisiting last week, the Weekly Sports World Picks improved exponentially to an 11-5 record, an improvement from the four wins we predicted on Week 2. Now, with Week 4 on the horizon, and the first week of byes ahead of us, here are our picks for Week 4 of the 2015 NFL season.

Baltimore beats Pittsburgh

New York Jets beat Miami

Indianapolis beats Jacksonville

Buffalo beats New York Giants

Carolina beats Tampa Bay

Philadelphia beats Washington

Oakland beats Chicago

Atlanta beats Houston

Cincinnati beats Kansas City

San Diego beats Cleveland

Green Bay beats San Francisco

St. Louis beats Arizona

Denver beats Minnesota

Dallas beats New Orleans

Seattle beats Detroit

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