What Being A Fan Really Means!

Recently, I was having an argument with one of my friends about our favorite football team. During the argument, I was being really critical about our team, saying that the quarterback is a bum, and that I do not expect them to get more than 6 wins this year. My friend proceeds to tell me that I am not a true fan of the team; that I am what some would call a “bandwagon” fan. Now for one, he obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the term “bandwagon” fan; and two, a true fan of a team is without a doubt allowed to be critical about their team.

Just to get this out of the way, a “Bandwagon Fan” is someone who hops on board for the ride when a team is doing well, even though they didn’t even care beforehand. An example of what a “Bandwagon” fan would be; a majority of the Miami Heat fanbase was filled with “Bandwagon” fans when Lebron and Chris Bosh decided to form that super team with Wade. An example of what is NOT a “Bandwagon” fan would be; someone who has been a fan of the team since the beginning, has not changed his/her favorite team ever, and still watches their games even though they may not be doing so well. And in addition to that, as a fan, I have the right and the obligation to be critical about my favorite teams and the decisions that they might be making.

Let’s compare this to having dinner at a restaurant, shall we? Let’s say you go to your favorite burger place, and ask for the double supreme with bacon, and all of the fixings; but you would like it medium. Then, when you receive your burger, it was cooked past well-done, completely burnt, and it tastes like chalk. Now, do you just sit there and tell the chef that it’s not very good, but there’s always next time? Hell No! You go up to the chef, tell him/her that this tastes like a shoe, and that you would like a new burger. The same thing goes with being a fan of a sports team. Fans put money into their team’s, buying all kinds of merchandise, tickets, TV packages, and so much more. They are customers, and they have the right to say that what you are putting on the field/court/ice is garbage and that you need to do something about it.

Being a fan of a team means you have a right to say that something isn’t right, or if something needs to be changed. One of the major reasons that these organizations actually exist is because they want fans to come in and be entertained. It’s not like they just open the gates and whoever wants to come in can come in, but if there’s nobody then that’s fine too. A majority of the teams actually care about the product that they are putting out there, and they want to put a team out there that the fans and the city will be proud of. So, simply put, you don’t have to always be positive and say things like; “Aw shucks, well there’s always next time.” If the team sucks, SPEAK UP!


Women Coaching Male Sports

Before I begin this article, I would like to start by congratulating Becky Hammon, Jen Welter, and Nancy Lieberman on being hired as coaches for their respective teams. Hammon, Welter and Lieberman have become the first three women to secure coaching positions with major men’s sports organizations. Now, the reason that I bring this up is because I’ve had some conversations recently about the topic of women coaching men’s sports, and I would like to give my opinion on the topic; in a more extensive form.

Now, my definition of what it takes to be a coach in any sport is experience; do you have experience in that particular sport? Have you played/coached in that particular sport professionally for a significant amount of time? When it comes to these three individuals, they all have just that, experience. They have each played professionally in their respective sports for numerous years, and have become students of the game during their tenures. I don’t understand how some people can say that there is a difference in the sports, and to be quite honest I only see two; the differences in their abilities (such as how alot more men can dunk than women), and the fact that one has men playing and the other has women playing. I mean if you can see another difference, please feel free to tweet me or leave it in the comments; but to me, plays are still plays, schemes are still schemes, no matter if it’s men running them or women running them.

Just think, the only two major differences between a female coach and a male coach is their gender (obviously), and the different plays/schemes that they run (which always comes with a new coach coming to an organization). I mean look at the great Pat Summitt for example; she is a woman, and she is considered one of the greatest college basketball coaches ever. She obviously knew what she was doing when she lead the University of Tennessee’s women’s basketball team to 8 titles, as well as a .841 winning percentage during her tenure as head coach. So, simply put, when it comes to coaching, it’s all about your knowledge of the game and not what your gender is.

The Minnesota Vikings Will Be One Of The NFC Wild Card Teams

With the 2015-2016 NFL Season rapidly approaching, a lot of teams in the NFC are hoping to reverse their misfortunes with the goal of making it to the playoffs. In my opinion, the Minnesota Vikings are one of those teams. Minnesota, who finished in third place in the NFC North last year with a 7-9 record, are a young team who are just getting better and better. In addition to that, they also are getting their veteran Pro Bowl running back, Adrian Peterson, back from suspension.

Even without Peterson in the backfield last season, the Vikings were still able to rack up seven wins with a young offense lead by rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater. Bridgewater was one of the best rookie quarterbacks last season, and his talents have nowhere to go but up. He has shown some good intelligence and awareness, and has the ability to stay in the pocket, as well as the quickness and athleticism to roll out to the side in order to make a play. In addition to that, with Adrian Peterson returning to the team, the Vikings will have a much more lethal running game that will keep the opposing defenses on their toes in regards to what they need to expect, (run or pass). I mean Peterson was basically their offense in 2012 when he almost broke the all-time rushing record, so he definitely has the ability to add a few more wins on to their record. This combination of a growing (but still good) quarterback paired with their lethal running attack will make their play-action probably one of the best in the league. Then, not only do the Vikings have a growing offense, but their defense is also not to bad.

The Vikings defense was also pretty good last year, and are continuing to get better. Last year, according to ESPN.com’s 2014 Total Defense Statistics page, the Vikings were ranked 11th in points given up per game at 21.4. Their defense didn’t lose many games last year giving up 21.4 points per game, and with Adrian Peterson coming back, their offense should be able to provide enough cushion for the defense to work with. Even though I do believe that the Vikings will get one of the two Wild Card spots, that doesn’t mean that I am handing it to them outright; there’s still going to be some competition.

Besides the Vikings, the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions will be the other two teams that I believe will be in major competition for one of the two Wild Card spots. The Lions and Cardinals, both who ended last season with identical 11-5 records, both represented the NFC as Wild Card teams. I personally don’t see either of these teams winning their respective divisions because the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks are the favorites to win those divisions. And then, there is the NFC South, which had a very dismal season last year. Personally, I do not see any of those teams having what it takes to get a Wild Card spot; so they will probably have to chase after the division. Then finally, we have the NFC East. Now if DeMarco Murray was still with the Cowboys, I would say either them or the Eagles would have a chance at the Wild Card. But, since Murray left, I see the Eagles wining the East by a close margin and that’s it.

So all in all, Vikings fans, I believe in your team! They do have a legitimate chance in making something out of this season. If they stay healthy for the season and the young guys continue to grow and mature, then I believe that this team will be very good for the next few seasons.


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