The Seattle Seahawks Need To Pay Russell Wilson His Money!

The Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers have now set the bar when it comes to quarterback contracts; paying their title-less quarterbacks nine figure contracts over a long period of time with a large portion of the contract front-loaded in the first few years. So because of this, everyone should be expecting the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson to sign a very large contract that is similar to Cutler and Newton’s.

To start, Wilson has only played three full seasons in the NFL and has already led his team to two straight super bowls; winning one. How many Super Bowls have the Panther’s Cam Newton and the Bear’s Jay Cutler won, ZERO! As a matter of fact, how many Super Bowls have Newton and Cutler even played in, ZERO! In addition to that, Russel Wilson has been the more efficient passer out of the three the last three years; not dipping below a 95 QBR, while Newton and Cutler never got above a 90 QBR. In fact, his first three seasons in the NFL were better than ANY of Newton’s or Cutler’s recent years.

Basically, to sum it all up, Russell Wilson has been the better quarterback the last three seasons of all three individuals, and the Seahawks would be MONUMENTALLY stupid if they do not pay him what he deserves. The fact that two quarterbacks that have not made the Super Bowl and have such lower QBR’s are making that kind of money is astounding to me! Now given, Cam Newton is still young and looks like he is getting better, but he and Cutler still not deserve that much money for the amount that they have done already. The Bears and the Panthers have set the precedent with these contracts, which will allow Russel Wilson to cash in on this opportunity and be paid very well, very soon.


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