The Lakers Will Imrpove A Bit, But Will Still Be A Lottery Team After The Season

The Los Angeles Lakers have a history of great teams, and winning championships. But, fans need to realize that the Lakers suck right now, and the word “championship” should not be in their vocabulary at this particular moment. After a dismal season which left the Lakers with one of the worst records the organization has ever seen, no one should be expecting very much of a leap when the 2016-2017 season rolls around. Then, if you add the relatively poor offseason to the team from last year, that all adds up to the Lakers being a lottery team for yet another year.

This offseason, the Lakers added some free agents in the likes of Brandon Bass and Lou Williams, as well as drafting the highly touted point guard out of Ohio State, D’Angelo Russell. But, these three players will not be enough to help the Lakers obtain a playoff berth this year; especially in a very difficult Western Conference. To start, Russell still needs some growing and maturing to do to get use to the speed of the NBA. I honestly see him becoming a Rookie of the Year candidate, but not enough to lead the Lakers to the promised land. Then, you have the additions of Williams and Bass, who are not horrible, but will again not produce the numbers necessary. Lou Williams will take on the sixth man role, which will bolster their bench significantly, but Bass is just a 10-5 big man who will probably be platooning/sitting behind the likes of Julius Randle; who is returning from an injury he suffered last season. But besides those additions, the roster is relatively the same as it was last year. But, looking to the future, it seems like the Lakers are poised to be great for a long time.

I am a big fan of the young PG Jordan Clarkson from Missouri, and I feel that he can become an excellent guard in the NBA. Once Kobe Bryant finally retires and that huge, unnecessary contract of his goes away and clears cap space, the Lakers could try and move Clarkson over to the 2 spot and allow him to become one of their top scorers to go along with Russell’s excellent play at PG. In addition to Kobe retiring, that will allow the Lakers to sign more stars to the team with all of the extra cap room they will have. Finally, with the return of Randle, they have a chance to develop an already good PF into an even better PF and have a very young roster that can grow and develop together.

Overall, the Lakers suck right now, plain and simple. And with the tough Western Conference including the Clippers, Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Spurs and others, it looks like they will end up being a lottery team once again. I see them definitely improving from last year, but only by the slightest margin. So, Lakers fans, all I have to say is……get use to LA being a Clipper town until further notice.


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