Derrick Rose: Evaluate Your Game

I know, we all love Derrick Rose and the way he plays the game of basketball. With his quickness to the hoop, his monstrous leaping ability, and the way he can create a shot out of nowhere through traffic is always so amazing. When Derrick Rose plays, he brings a level of excitement to the game that not many people may see all the time. But, after two major injury filled years, he needs to learn to cut back on those moves more. Now I’m not saying to take his game of speed and quickness completely out of his arsenal, I’m just saying he needs to learn to play the type of basketball where you can survive an 82 game season, and he is doing that very well!

To start, Derrick Rose is one of those basketball players who always when top speed, no holding back, every single play of every single game. The problem with that is his knees; with major surgeries on both of his knees, he cannot take so much contact like that or else he would not last the entire season. So, he needs to start maybe pulling up a little more outside the paint, and also work on his jump shot as well in order to balance out the amount of punishment that his knees go through. Now he can still fight through traffic in the paint and go for closer shots, I’m not saying to stop that completely, but he needs to limit that kind of contact in order to save his body for a long strenuous season that is ahead of him. I mean you do not necessarily see Chris Paul, a highly touted and highly ranked point guard, driving though the lane time and time again; because he knows what it takes to keep his body healthy and last in this league for a long time, and that is what Derrick Rose needs to learn. Now looking at his game film from this year so far, it definitely looks like he is working on those parts of his game and adding to his arsenal of shots. He’s starting to mix in the pull up from inside the arch along with the long-range shot into his repertoire that is showing the world that he is still, and has always been, a top tier point guard in this league. But, it is not only Rose on the court scoring buckets, he does have multiple guys out there too.

Now that Rose has some viable scoring options around him, it does not always have to be the Derrick show all of the time. I mean take the bigs in the paint for example, you have Pau Gasol at your power forward spot, who is basically a walking double-double this year and one of the best big men in the Eastern Conference. Then, you also have the always intense reigning defensive player of the year Joakim Noah as your center; who’s had some struggles this year, but I expect him to bounce back. These two create havoc in the paint, making them without a doubt one of the most feared Power Forward/Center combos in the NBA. You also have sharp shooters on the outside in Mike Dunleavy and Doug McDermott, who can provide excellent range from three so that they are always a viable option from three if open and Derrick needs to pass it out. Finally, to round out the starting five, you have the rising star known as Jimmy Butler. Honestly, this boy is one special player, and the Bulls are stupid if they do not give this man the money that he deserves. I mean he is averaging over 20 points per game, he is bursting on the scene as one of the best rising shooting guards in the league, and he can only get better from here. With his big time scoring, combined with his already shut down defensive ability, Jimmy Butler will definitely be a scoring threat that Derrick Rose can trust for years to come. Then, adding in the bench mob of Aaron Brooks, Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, and the rest of those guys, the Bulls still have some amazing scoring options even when Derrick is not on the floor.

So, all in all, everyone needs to stop saying things like; “The old Derrick Rose is done” and start realizing that he is still one amazing basketball player; he just does not need to score all of the points or drive through the lane every single time. If he adapts his game to one that can have his body last 82 games, he will be healthy enough to provide the Bulls quality minutes and a large chunk of production as well. I mean look at his game now, he is still playing some amazing basketball! So, overall, I just need to say enjoy the rest of the year Bulls fans, and basketball fans alike, because I sure know I will!


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