Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Five Quarterback Question

The Philadelphia Eagles have been making some very interesting moves during this offseason; the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills, the signing of DeMarco Murray, as well as the collection of quarterbacks that they have gained which include Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley, and G.J. Kinne. The question now that stands for Chip Kelly is which QB’s will he keep on the roster for the start of the season?

Before former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was injured last season, Philadelphia was keeping a three quarterbacks on their roster; Foles, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Barkley. So because of this, I would say that Chip Kelly is only going to keep 3 QB’s on his roster this year as well. With this in mind, the three quarterbacks that I would choose to keep on the team would be the newly acquired Sam Bradford as the starter, Mark Sanchez as the backup, and Tim Tebow as the third QB that is brought in for special packages. Then, they should keep Matt Barkley as a member of the practice squad.

When it comes to Sam Bradford, he has the necessary intangibles to be a starter for the Eagles. He is a pocket passer that can look down field and throw the deep ball when needed. In addition to that, Sam Bradford has the quickness and the awareness to scramble out of the pocket and make throws on the run in order to create extra time when he is in trouble. But the only problem that I have with him is his health; playing in only 7 games last season. If he can stay healthy and come back stronger, than he will have a chance to lead the Eagles.

Then, the Eagles should have Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow backing Bradford up as the #2 and the #3 quarterbacks. Last year, Mark Sanchez did a great job as the starter when Nick Foles went down with an injury; posting the best season of his career. To me, out of the remaining quarterbacks, he would be the better one to backup Bradford because he knows the offense already, and he has proved that same offense if Bradford were to go down with an injury. Tim Tebow is also a good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense because Tebow is a very mobile quarterback that can be fit into certain packages that Chip Kelly was accustomed to running at Oregon. Tebow can be used to run the option to Murray, who was a very dangerous back with the Cowboys. This will help keep the opposing defense on their twos because they will not know whether to go after Murray or Tebow.

Overall, the Eagles have a pretty good offense right now, with the likes of DeMarco Murray at running back and Sam Bradford coming in to play quarterback. But, if you ask me, Philadelphia made a big mistake not keeping Jeremy Maclin on the team as one of their top wideouts. But, hopefully some of the young guys like Jordan Matthews can step their games up.


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