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When The Time Comes For Him To Retire, We Will Surely Miss Tiger Woods!

If you were to ask Tiger about possibly retiring when this year ends, he will probably disagree with you faster than his golf ball leaves the tee. But to be completely honest, I think it’s time. Just like Kobe Bryant with the Lakers, Tiger Woods needs to move on and let the young guns like Jordan Spieth take over the spotlight. BUT, he should not call it a career after this season. Win or lose, we need to see Tiger’s “farewell tour” next year, and appreciate what he has done for the sport of golf like we appreciate the final run of our favorite rock bands.

Now, I could easily reiterate what every sportscaster and their mother has said; “His swing isn’t there,” “He has back problems,” or “His mind is somewhere else.” Alot of people believe that he needs to call it quits now because of these reasons; and I am not disagreeing with the reasons, but I am disagreeing with the timing. The reason being is because he hasn’t played in very many tournaments this year. In fact, according to Tiger’s PGA Tour Career Summary on, Tiger has only played in a total of 15 tournaments in the last two years; one less than the total amount of tournaments he played in during the entire 2013 season. So, because of this low number of tournaments, Tiger didn’t put as much stress on his back as in recent years when he was participating in much larger numbers of tournaments. With this extra time, in my opinion, he has had the perfect opportunity to keep playing golf while resting/rehabbing his bad back and continuing to get better. So why couldn’t he play out another full season as a “farewell tour” to his career and the great things he has accomplished? In addition, this isn’t the first time that Tiger has gone through a sort of slump in his career.

Between the years of 2010 and 2011, Tiger had a similar two year slump where, according to Tiger’s PGA Tour Career Summary on, he only played in 21 tournaments during that two year span. During those 21 tournaments, the highest position that Tiger finished was 10th for a total of 4 times. Now, this so-called slump could have occurred for a multitude of reason, but I’d prefer not to dive deeper into those reasons right now. But, I’d like to focus on the years after the slump where you can see Tiger emerge and begin to win championships again. This shows that he is indeed human just like the rest of us, and that he will have his ups and downs like we all do. But, it also shows that the greatness of Tiger Woods can also push through the adversity and get back to his style of golf. So with that being said, I believe that lightning can strike twice and that he can show us next year why he is truly great! I believe that he can come back again and deliver golf fans one more season for the ages.

Now I grew up in the Tiger Woods era, where he was the man for many years! Tiger was “the guy” for golf, and companies like Nike; so me saying that he can still be great next year might just be me not wanting his career to come to an end. That being said, I do believe that next year needs to be his last year, mainly because of the state that his back is in. Yes, I know I mentioned before that he can just continue to rehab and rest his back while he plays in a minimal amount of tournaments this year, but we need to be realistic and see that all of the rehab in the world cannot take away years from his back. But, it can keep him playing for just a little bit longer.


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The Lakers Will Imrpove A Bit, But Will Still Be A Lottery Team After The Season

The Los Angeles Lakers have a history of great teams, and winning championships. But, fans need to realize that the Lakers suck right now, and the word “championship” should not be in their vocabulary at this particular moment. After a dismal season which left the Lakers with one of the worst records the organization has ever seen, no one should be expecting very much of a leap when the 2016-2017 season rolls around. Then, if you add the relatively poor offseason to the team from last year, that all adds up to the Lakers being a lottery team for yet another year.

This offseason, the Lakers added some free agents in the likes of Brandon Bass and Lou Williams, as well as drafting the highly touted point guard out of Ohio State, D’Angelo Russell. But, these three players will not be enough to help the Lakers obtain a playoff berth this year; especially in a very difficult Western Conference. To start, Russell still needs some growing and maturing to do to get use to the speed of the NBA. I honestly see him becoming a Rookie of the Year candidate, but not enough to lead the Lakers to the promised land. Then, you have the additions of Williams and Bass, who are not horrible, but will again not produce the numbers necessary. Lou Williams will take on the sixth man role, which will bolster their bench significantly, but Bass is just a 10-5 big man who will probably be platooning/sitting behind the likes of Julius Randle; who is returning from an injury he suffered last season. But besides those additions, the roster is relatively the same as it was last year. But, looking to the future, it seems like the Lakers are poised to be great for a long time.

I am a big fan of the young PG Jordan Clarkson from Missouri, and I feel that he can become an excellent guard in the NBA. Once Kobe Bryant finally retires and that huge, unnecessary contract of his goes away and clears cap space, the Lakers could try and move Clarkson over to the 2 spot and allow him to become one of their top scorers to go along with Russell’s excellent play at PG. In addition to Kobe retiring, that will allow the Lakers to sign more stars to the team with all of the extra cap room they will have. Finally, with the return of Randle, they have a chance to develop an already good PF into an even better PF and have a very young roster that can grow and develop together.

Overall, the Lakers suck right now, plain and simple. And with the tough Western Conference including the Clippers, Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Spurs and others, it looks like they will end up being a lottery team once again. I see them definitely improving from last year, but only by the slightest margin. So, Lakers fans, all I have to say is……get use to LA being a Clipper town until further notice.

Changes Need To Be Made For Free Agency Next Year!

The NBA needs to remove the “verbal commit” period before the free agents are actually allowed to sign their new contracts. It is a pointless time during the offseason that can really screw with a team’s roster. An example of this would include all of this DeAndre Jordan drama with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks.

For those that may not have heard, the basics for this scenario are that Jordan was originally supposed to sign with the Mavericks when he made a verbal commitment before the July 9th signing period began. But, he then changed his mind the day before the signing period began and decided to re-sign with the Clippers; (if you would like to look further into this situation, there is alot of literature on it on Twitter, and online).

Now, I’m not blaming the Clippers right now, because they did what they could to stay competitive. I am blaming Jordan for not sticking to his word; and the free agency system for being so open like this. When you make a verbal agreement, you SHOULD honor it; (even though it is not mandatory, that is just my belief). Now, since Mark Cuban never re-signed their previous center Tyson Chandler due to the possibility of the Mavericks signing Jordan, now Cuban has to go out and look for another center. And I can assure you, unless Cuban wants to give up ALOT for a quality center, whoever the Mavs get may not be a top of the line player. To fix this problem for the future, the NBA needs to either get rid of the open period before free agents can sign their contracts, or make it shorter.

As you can see from the Jordan scenario, this period of time before free agents actually sign their contracts is very wide open; and with so much time like this, it could lead to a team being without a key position on their roster. Now, if the NBA were to shorten this open period of time to about three or four days, then it would protect teams from losing out on a particular player who just so happens to change their mind after already committing. Also, I know that someone could make the argument of; “You are taking away the player’s time to think and make a decision on where they would like to play.” That is not true, they will still have as much time to make a decision as they want, this new change however will mainly allow there to be an official “pen-to-paper” deal in place when a decision has been made; as well as no extra drama tied to it.

Top Five Landing Spots For LaMarcus Aldridge This Offseason

The LaMarcus Aldridge sweepstakes is still going strong on the second day of Free Agency; but some reports are saying that the San Antonio Spurs are the most likely to land the free agent big man. But, the Spurs are not there yet, with the likes of the Lakers, the Heat, the Suns, and even the Trail Blazers still in contention for his services next season. The question here is, where will he fit in the best? Will he fit better on a team coached by a future Hall-of-Famer in Gregg Popovich? Or would he rather don Laker gold and purple and play for a team with a history of winning? Here are my Top 5 landing spots for LaMarcus Aldridge this offseason.

  1. SAN ANTONIO SPURS: Next to the Lakers, the Spurs are one of the most accomplished candidates on Aldridge’s list of potential teams. They currently have three future Hall-of-Famers on their roster; (Parker, Ginobili, and Duncan), and has a great supporting cast that all together has shown to be a championship caliber team. With the addition of Aldridge to the roster, the Spurs will be bringing in an All-Star caliber 20-10 big man with a great mid-range shot and a pretty damn good post game. This will give Duncan a chance to not have to play a crap ton of minutes, as well as help put two veteran big men on the floor at the same time. But, with Tim Duncan coming into his 19th season in the NBA, the Spurs are going to need to bring another center on to the roster. Reason being is, according to Sean Highkin of NBCSports Pro Basketball Talk, that Aldridge does not want to play center; which the Knicks wanted him to play. So if the Spurs want to land him, they will need to sign another center to the squad, move someone like Duncan over to center, or even both.
  1. MIAMI HEAT: The Miami Heat have become a late entry into the Aldridge sweepstakes; looking for another “big man” to add to their roster. The addition of Aldridge would really help the Heat put different pairings for the 4-5 positions out there throughout the season; such as Aldridge and Bosh for range, Whiteside and Aldridge for defense and rebounding, Whiteside and Bosh for a mixture of both, etc… With Wade and Dragic staying, along with the addition of Justise Winslow from the draft, this roster with the addition of Aldridge can really make some noise in a very weak Eastern Conference. The problem I have with this though is the rise of Hassan Whiteside and what that means for the center position once again. With Aldridge not wanting to play center, a move like this will force Bosh over to center again whenever the two of them are on the floor; which is not a very good position for the big guy. With Bosh’s size, he does not make a very dominant paint presence, and Coach Spoelstra will need to watch this very closely when it comes to in-game shifts and changes.
  1. PORTLAND TRAIL BLAZERS: Out of the final three teams left on this list, I am selecting Aldridge returning to the Blazers as Number Three. To start, with the exception of Damian Lillard, who signed a five-year max extension with the team, the Blazers have lost three of their starters from last year to trades and free agency. Honestly, this roster doesn’t really seem very appealing for an All-Star to return to, doesn’t it? But, comparing it to the Lakers and the Suns rosters, I would trust the Blazers the most. As of right now, I see Lillard and Afflalo as a better pair of starters to team Aldridge up with then Russell and Bryant from LA, and Bledsoe from Phoenix. For the Blazers to have a chance a re-signing Aldridge, they will need to sign some more BIG names out of free-agency.
  1. PHOENIX SUNS:  The Suns have recently added Tyson Chandler to their roster this offseason, and a 4-5 pairing of Aldridge and Chandler would be pretty interesting to see. Chandler; a very good defensive center, will be paired with a scoring 20-10 power forward in Aldridge. With this, both of their play styles will really compliment each other when they are on the floor at the same time. To add to that, the Suns also have a high-scoring PG in Eric Bledsoe; unless they have to trade him to make cap room. The addition of Aldridge will indeed improve their roster, as well as make them a playoff team, but it will not make them title contenders on the spot. They will need to make some more rooms before the city of Phoenix can really look at being title contenders.
  1. LOS ANGELES LAKERS: With the addition of D’Angelo Russell, the LA Lakers are definitely on the road to rebuilding what hopefully will be a Lakers team of old. But, LA is in no position to win anytime soon with the roster they have. Even with the addition of Aldridge, they still have a rookie point guard that still needs to grow and mature, an aging Kobe who hasn’t played anywhere close to a full season in the previous two years, as well as a roster consisting of the likes of Carlos Boozer and “Swaggy P” (yes Lakers fans, you are allowed to cry). With a “cut and paste” roster without a chance to win anytime soon, I HIGHLY doubt he will be going to LA anytime soon; (unless he gets paid out the ass to play there).


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Cubs Might Have To Wait Till Next Year One More Time

As this is being written, the Chicago Cubs are nine and a half games back in the NL Central Division race; and if the season ended today they would be going to the postseason as the second Wild Card team. But with this in mind, I do not believe that the Cubs will be making it to the promise land and win what has been out of their reach for the past 100+ years; a World Series Title.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a very talented team of young players who, for most of them, have no where to go but up. Going around the horn, you have young guys like the rising Kris Bryant, Starlin Castro, Addison Russell, and Anthony Rizzo; not to mention guys like Javier Baez and Kyle Schwarber working in the minors in order to make their way up to “the show.” But that’s not all; there’s Dexter Fowler, Jake Arrieta, and many more. With this in mind, the Cubs have a great roster, but they are still working out the kinks as a unit, as well as trying to mature as they continue their careers in the majors. The Cubs are built to win, but they are just not there yet.

The Chicago Cubs are like a fine wine at the moment, they need time to develop. They have the right mix of veterans and young guys on the roster, and they are still trying to work and grow together. Because of this, I foresee the Cubs being legit contenders for a title starting next year, when all of the guys have had at least a year in the majors to get accustomed to the speed of the game and had a chance to play at the major league level.

Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some bright spots on the Cubs pitching staff this year, such as Jake Arrieta, Jason Hammel, as well as Pedro Strop; (who still needs some work, but I feel he can be a good closer for the ball club). But, there have also been the downsides, such as the $130 something million dollars that are being paid to Jon Lester. In return, Lester is providing the Cubs with a 4-6 record and a 4.03 ERA, according to With those numbers, Lester has without a doubt lost his “ace” monicker that he was given at the beginning of the season. I mean with the way that Jake Arrieta and Jason Hammel are pitching, I would call either of those two the “ace” at this point in the season before Lester. Basically, like I’ve said to anyone that would ask me, the Chicago Cubs would go as far as the pitching staff would take them. The reason for this is because they have great offense, which has been rumored to attract some bigger named pitchers such as David Price, but their pitching is not always “on the ball.” And that’s another reason that next year would be a great year to expect a “legit” title contender, because that is when many top pitchers will be going on the free agent market.

Following the 2015 season, there is going to be a LARGE quantity of free-agent starting pitchers that the Cubs will be able to go for. There are guys like David Price, (who’s been rumored to be interested in the Cubs), Johnny Cueto, Tim Lincecum, Scott Kazmir, Brandon Morrow, Jeremy Guthrie (who I am a fan of, but his age may play a factor into it), and the list just goes on and on. If you plug any one of these guys into a rotation that includes Arrieta, Hammel, and Lester, Chicago is going to have one DOMINANT rotation on their hands. The Cubs have money to spend after going young with a majority of their lineup, so they definitely have the room to go after some of these big names in the offseason.

This is one of those situations where I hope I’m wrong, and that the Cubs do win the World Series this year. But with the roster they have and the teams that they have to face on the road to a championship, the Cubs are just to young and inexperienced at the major league level to win this year. I predict them making a far run though; maybe game 5 or 6 of the National League Championship Series. Now with this being said, DON’T sleep on the Cubs next season though. This is a team that will be ready to win, will be built to win, and will be a force to be reckoned with in the National League.

Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Five Quarterback Question

The Philadelphia Eagles have been making some very interesting moves during this offseason; the trading of LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills, the signing of DeMarco Murray, as well as the collection of quarterbacks that they have gained which include Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley, and G.J. Kinne. The question now that stands for Chip Kelly is which QB’s will he keep on the roster for the start of the season?

Before former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was injured last season, Philadelphia was keeping a three quarterbacks on their roster; Foles, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Barkley. So because of this, I would say that Chip Kelly is only going to keep 3 QB’s on his roster this year as well. With this in mind, the three quarterbacks that I would choose to keep on the team would be the newly acquired Sam Bradford as the starter, Mark Sanchez as the backup, and Tim Tebow as the third QB that is brought in for special packages. Then, they should keep Matt Barkley as a member of the practice squad.

When it comes to Sam Bradford, he has the necessary intangibles to be a starter for the Eagles. He is a pocket passer that can look down field and throw the deep ball when needed. In addition to that, Sam Bradford has the quickness and the awareness to scramble out of the pocket and make throws on the run in order to create extra time when he is in trouble. But the only problem that I have with him is his health; playing in only 7 games last season. If he can stay healthy and come back stronger, than he will have a chance to lead the Eagles.

Then, the Eagles should have Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow backing Bradford up as the #2 and the #3 quarterbacks. Last year, Mark Sanchez did a great job as the starter when Nick Foles went down with an injury; posting the best season of his career. To me, out of the remaining quarterbacks, he would be the better one to backup Bradford because he knows the offense already, and he has proved that same offense if Bradford were to go down with an injury. Tim Tebow is also a good fit for Chip Kelly’s offense because Tebow is a very mobile quarterback that can be fit into certain packages that Chip Kelly was accustomed to running at Oregon. Tebow can be used to run the option to Murray, who was a very dangerous back with the Cowboys. This will help keep the opposing defense on their twos because they will not know whether to go after Murray or Tebow.

Overall, the Eagles have a pretty good offense right now, with the likes of DeMarco Murray at running back and Sam Bradford coming in to play quarterback. But, if you ask me, Philadelphia made a big mistake not keeping Jeremy Maclin on the team as one of their top wideouts. But, hopefully some of the young guys like Jordan Matthews can step their games up.

The Seattle Seahawks Need To Pay Russell Wilson His Money!

The Chicago Bears and the Carolina Panthers have now set the bar when it comes to quarterback contracts; paying their title-less quarterbacks nine figure contracts over a long period of time with a large portion of the contract front-loaded in the first few years. So because of this, everyone should be expecting the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson to sign a very large contract that is similar to Cutler and Newton’s.

To start, Wilson has only played three full seasons in the NFL and has already led his team to two straight super bowls; winning one. How many Super Bowls have the Panther’s Cam Newton and the Bear’s Jay Cutler won, ZERO! As a matter of fact, how many Super Bowls have Newton and Cutler even played in, ZERO! In addition to that, Russel Wilson has been the more efficient passer out of the three the last three years; not dipping below a 95 QBR, while Newton and Cutler never got above a 90 QBR. In fact, his first three seasons in the NFL were better than ANY of Newton’s or Cutler’s recent years.

Basically, to sum it all up, Russell Wilson has been the better quarterback the last three seasons of all three individuals, and the Seahawks would be MONUMENTALLY stupid if they do not pay him what he deserves. The fact that two quarterbacks that have not made the Super Bowl and have such lower QBR’s are making that kind of money is astounding to me! Now given, Cam Newton is still young and looks like he is getting better, but he and Cutler still not deserve that much money for the amount that they have done already. The Bears and the Panthers have set the precedent with these contracts, which will allow Russel Wilson to cash in on this opportunity and be paid very well, very soon.

Trust Theo

The 2015 Major League Baseball season is underway, and the Chicago Cubs are looking to become the top dogs in the National League with a relatively young squad. When looking at the roster during Spring Training, alot of people would say that the most exciting part heading into this season would be Kris Bryant coming up to the majors. Kris Bryant, who hit 43 home runs total during his time in the minor leagues and 9 home runs during Spring Training, was then sent back to the minors after the conclusion of Spring Training. When this occurred alot of fans, players, and analysts were very confused and frustrated at the decision. Even though it has been a little while since this happened and the news may have died down a little, I am here to tell the rest of the people who still believe this was a bad idea to RELAX and trust Theo Epstein.

Kris Bryant has basically taken control of the minor leagues during his time there. He has been crushing the ball, posting a batting average of .325 over the span of the year 2014 according to, so he should be fine for a few weeks to start this season. With Theo sending Kris down to the minor leagues to start the season, I see it as him wanting Kris to getting rolling a bit to start the season before he makes it up to the big leagues. He will be able to get into the groove of the season, work against some regular season talent who have the added incentive of moving up to the show, and then be brought up when the time is right. If Theo were to bring him up right at the beginning of the season, I would be afraid that he would get into a slump against major league talent, and then possibly not be able to work out of this slump. So overall, it is better for everyone involved if Kris Bryant were to be brought up when he is on a roll in the minors so that his transition into major league action is alot smoother.

Theo Epstein, as many people know, was the general manager of the Boston Red Sox during the time they made their big turn around when they started to become major contenders again. His strategy as a GM helped the Red Sox win two World Series titles in four years, their title in 2004 was their first after an 80+ year drought. His methodology for managing an organization helped bring the Red Sox out of the abyss of not making the playoffs, to two-time champions in a four year span. Epstein has had this methodology since these days, and this methodology is what the Cubs liked about him and is why they brought him into the organization. The Cubs wanted him to come in and help build this team into a contender through restructuring the minor league squads in order to help the club develop their own talent for the future. They also wanted him to bring the right guys through free-agency that will win them a championship and not just draw a crowd with any name value.

Overall, Theo Epstein has been in the game of baseball for many years now, helping to put together ball clubs across the country to become championship caliber squads. He has won two championships, brought a team in a championship drought back into the spot light, and made a name for himself in this sport at such a young age. He has proven that he has the ability to run a ball club, and everyone questioning his thought of sending Kris Bryant back to the minors need to realize that he has a reason behind this, and you just need to let this season work out and see what happens.


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Derrick Rose: Evaluate Your Game

I know, we all love Derrick Rose and the way he plays the game of basketball. With his quickness to the hoop, his monstrous leaping ability, and the way he can create a shot out of nowhere through traffic is always so amazing. When Derrick Rose plays, he brings a level of excitement to the game that not many people may see all the time. But, after two major injury filled years, he needs to learn to cut back on those moves more. Now I’m not saying to take his game of speed and quickness completely out of his arsenal, I’m just saying he needs to learn to play the type of basketball where you can survive an 82 game season, and he is doing that very well!

To start, Derrick Rose is one of those basketball players who always when top speed, no holding back, every single play of every single game. The problem with that is his knees; with major surgeries on both of his knees, he cannot take so much contact like that or else he would not last the entire season. So, he needs to start maybe pulling up a little more outside the paint, and also work on his jump shot as well in order to balance out the amount of punishment that his knees go through. Now he can still fight through traffic in the paint and go for closer shots, I’m not saying to stop that completely, but he needs to limit that kind of contact in order to save his body for a long strenuous season that is ahead of him. I mean you do not necessarily see Chris Paul, a highly touted and highly ranked point guard, driving though the lane time and time again; because he knows what it takes to keep his body healthy and last in this league for a long time, and that is what Derrick Rose needs to learn. Now looking at his game film from this year so far, it definitely looks like he is working on those parts of his game and adding to his arsenal of shots. He’s starting to mix in the pull up from inside the arch along with the long-range shot into his repertoire that is showing the world that he is still, and has always been, a top tier point guard in this league. But, it is not only Rose on the court scoring buckets, he does have multiple guys out there too.

Now that Rose has some viable scoring options around him, it does not always have to be the Derrick show all of the time. I mean take the bigs in the paint for example, you have Pau Gasol at your power forward spot, who is basically a walking double-double this year and one of the best big men in the Eastern Conference. Then, you also have the always intense reigning defensive player of the year Joakim Noah as your center; who’s had some struggles this year, but I expect him to bounce back. These two create havoc in the paint, making them without a doubt one of the most feared Power Forward/Center combos in the NBA. You also have sharp shooters on the outside in Mike Dunleavy and Doug McDermott, who can provide excellent range from three so that they are always a viable option from three if open and Derrick needs to pass it out. Finally, to round out the starting five, you have the rising star known as Jimmy Butler. Honestly, this boy is one special player, and the Bulls are stupid if they do not give this man the money that he deserves. I mean he is averaging over 20 points per game, he is bursting on the scene as one of the best rising shooting guards in the league, and he can only get better from here. With his big time scoring, combined with his already shut down defensive ability, Jimmy Butler will definitely be a scoring threat that Derrick Rose can trust for years to come. Then, adding in the bench mob of Aaron Brooks, Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic, and the rest of those guys, the Bulls still have some amazing scoring options even when Derrick is not on the floor.

So, all in all, everyone needs to stop saying things like; “The old Derrick Rose is done” and start realizing that he is still one amazing basketball player; he just does not need to score all of the points or drive through the lane every single time. If he adapts his game to one that can have his body last 82 games, he will be healthy enough to provide the Bulls quality minutes and a large chunk of production as well. I mean look at his game now, he is still playing some amazing basketball! So, overall, I just need to say enjoy the rest of the year Bulls fans, and basketball fans alike, because I sure know I will!