Friday-Night Special


Its Friday! You’re done with work, it’s been a hell of a week, and all you want to do is go where everyone knows your name, Or just some of the people.

I have always loved what people call “Dive Bars”, I use to frequent one in college, I don’t have a problem I swear, officer. It was right down the street from my school; I truly loved the people that I got to know in that bar and who got to know me. From the owner and his Buddy Holly lookin’ glasses, to the bartender that I originally hit on, that shot me down, who later became one of my closest friends. There were plenty of interesting characters that I met in that bar. Most of the time I didn’t go there for the drinks, I went there for conversation and make people laugh.


A real dive bar is like walking into a warn down cottage that’s been beaten by the elements. You walk in from the icy cold world, where you’ve been shaken and are about ready to crack from the crap that you went through that week. But as soon as those doors open and you feel the warmth of the heater by the door and you smell the scent of stale cigarettes, even though no one is smoking, the tension in your shoulders relaxes and your upper body hugs the bar as your voice breaks-out “stout please.”

You see, I wanted to paint that image for a reason. A dive bar, to me, isn’t just another ratty looking bar. When I say “Dive Bar” it is kind of like the old barbershops back in the day. Regulars come in, they talk about their day, their lives. The bartender listens, gets to know the regulars in their bar, what their lives are like, how the regulars see themselves, how they see the world. Dive bars, true dive bars, are ones with a kind of soul in them. A person can feel at home in them.


I was never one for the “party scene”, I loath crowds, but I have always wanted to be a stand up comic. There is nothing more powerful than having the ability to make someone forget their lives for a few minutes and make them smile. Because I dislike large crowds and I have a bad case of stage fright, I use the dive bars as my stage, No, I don’t stand up on the actual bar…I use the stool.  Whether the patrons actually enjoyed my jokes or they were just humoring me, I will never really know.

Moral of the story here kids, is that the best place to be on a Friday night is not a dive bar, but anywhere that you’re with close friends making each other laugh and just being yourself. It really is just that simple.

If you chose to stay home and drink might I recommend a shower beer?

Oh! and if you are going to drink please do so responsibly, don’t drink and drive and don’t let your friends drink and drive. Enjoy your weekend.




The Importance Of A Shower Beer!

There’s an epidemic going on around the world, and it needs to be stopped…..beerless showers.

People are stressing out at their jobs, and whatever else is going on in their lives. And how do they try to relieve that stress? Take a regular shower.

A regular shower? That doesn’t always work for me. Sure, if it’s just a normal day, a regular shower will do the trick. But if I just had a real shitty day, I need a little something extra. And what would that be? A BEER!!

A shower beer is a NECESSITY for any post-work shower. The concept of the shower beer is rather easy to explain; you drink a beer while you’re in the shower. BUT, how you FEEL drinking a shower beer is much more difficult to explain in words.

Basically, in the best words that I can use, drinking a shower beer just transports you to another place. A shower beer is something that brings about a sense of tranquility and peacefulness. When drinking said shower beer, all of the stresses from your day just seem to float away, even if it’s only for that one moment.

But when drinking a shower beer, you need to understand what is the best beer for YOU!

When selecting a beer, you can choose from a wide array of brews. Maybe you are an IPA fan? Or what about a stout? Or a lager?

Me personally, I prefer a much lighter beer. Now, it doesn’t have to be a “lite” beer in the sense of calorie counting. But, I’m more or less talking about a lager or a pilsner. The reason being is because the lighter the beer, the lighter you’ll feel. You don’t want a heavy beer weighing you down while you are trying to take a shower?

But, again, that’s my personal preference. To each his own.

Basically what I am trying to tell you is, you need to experience a shower beer for yourself. My words can only do so much, but the action itself is much more invigorating. Trust me!drink-beer.jpg

It’s The Perfect Time For An XFL Revival!

The XFL is a completely separate brand of football. Sure, it did flop like an NBA player in the playoffs; but it is still something different from the norm.

For those that are not familiar with the XFL, it was a separate football league created by WWE CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon back in 2001. It only lasted one season, but it was a much more “dude centered” brand of football. Whether it was cameras in cheerleaders locker rooms, or nicknames on the backs of jerseys; the XFL was really centered around being different, and being a “guys” league.

It kind of resembled the “attitude era” of the WWE.

But even though the XFL flopped hard to begin with, now is the PERFECT opportunity to make a comeback.

As of late, the NFL has been the center of alot of media attention. Regardless what your beliefs are on the kneeling or other various lawsuits that occurred, it’s still media attention. This said attention has lost many fans, as evident by the various fans burning jerseys and denouncing their fandom for the league.

In addition, they have also seen a noticeable drop in viewership over this past season as well. (Not to say that this “media attention” was the cause of it).

There are alot of fans that are done with the NFL and what has transpired over the previous season. Many of them still love their football, but they don’t want to be associated with the league.

In comes the XFL…..

This provides the perfect opportunity for Vince McMahon and the XFL to steal away some of this “lost viewership.” They have the opportunity to bring in disgruntled fans to their product, and hopefully keep them watching.

The problem is, the NFL AND College Football are so ingrained in the minds of the world, that it would be hard for the XFL to find success playing between September and January. Vince McMahon and co. need to consider shifting their season to another part of the year.

The best solution for this would be to hold their season immediately after the Super Bowl. You’ll be riding on the high of the Super Bowl, and will have fans clamoring for football for the next 6-7 months. Why not give them what they want? FOOTBALL!!!

But, the new XFL NEEDS to stay away from it’s old ways, and focus on being more family centered. Less of the “sex appeal,” “WWE Attitude Era” stuff and more FOOTBALL! I enjoyed the changes they made to the game, such as the scramble to determine possession at the beginning. But you have to cater to EVERYONE if you want to have success as a football league.

This isn’t a power move by the McMahon’s, or anything like that. This is just great timing, and a fantastic business decision.


The important thing here is, do YOU believe in this? Do you want to see the XFL come back? Let us know in the comments section below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages;


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Whats Hawaiian For “Oops”?


You’re in a tropical paradise, the cool island breeze blowing through your oversized flower shirt. You are sipping on a nice fruity drink, because no one there will judge you. You hear the sweet island sound of seagulls, pelicans, waves crashing, and the warning siren of an incoming missile strike. What is a person supposed to do?

Unless you are a World War II vet, thank you for your service, then you most likely have no idea what actions to take in this situation.  Well a few days ago, a missile strike warning was sent out to all the people in Hawaii and “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” was the in-coming message to everyone’s cell phone.  People scattered to the nearest  bomb shelters, fallout shelters, or safe areas. People ran to be with their families in what they thought were going to be their final hours.

Now if you didn’t know this already, the original message that went out was caused by an employee of the local government clicking the wrong button. Well, how did that happen? I hear you ask. At the end of each shift the person sitting at the controls of the warning system clicks on one of two options:

  1. Test Alert
  2. Missile Alert

That was literally a case of pushing the wrong button and the entire system goes to hell.


What gets me…besides the obvious “you had one job!”…is that they don’t have an all clear button. Really! You would think that someone when they were programming would have said “Hey, an all clear message would kind of be useful in the off chance that a missile is fired and it misses the islands. Or if some idiot pushes the wrong button? Also, do you think we should put the test button so close to the real button, you know just in case?” “No man that will never happen! Now hand me that beer, its time for our union mandated break.”

The good news here is that it was a mistake, a massive one, but a mistake and the person responsible is no longer in charge of pushing that button. They are now in another division. Lets hope they aren’t manning the eruption warning system.


Brightly Negative


The great thing about friends is you get to chose who you hang out with and typically, like the saying goes, “you like people who are like you.” Each one of your friends is a bit different, maybe one person is into video games, and the other is into making models; or maybe one is the bright positive type while another is a bit of a “Negative Nancy”. Some of you may have just had the thought of why would I hang out with a negative person, I don’t need negativity in my life. If you had a version of that in your mind regarding having a friend or even hanging out with someone you would qualify as a “Negative Nancy” my bet would be you have friends like this or met someone like this and actually enjoyed their company.


If one was to think about all the people they would meet in their lifetime, they just might be surprised at how many of those people they would say are a negative type of person. Just like everything else in life this is a matter of perspective. Take for instance your average comedian! A comedian takes every day occurrences and flips the perspective to tell an interesting and humorous story. In fact, comics have an actual equation about what makes something funny:


Tragedy + Time = Comedy


In another instance that negative person might not be seeing what they are saying as negative, more of just an observation. Again one could look at the comics as doing the same thing. They might be observing something and seeing the flaw that will take that structure or that plan, that you worked so hard and so long on, down! Damn It Becky! I spent a month on that presentation and you tour it apart! …huh?!…sorry where was I?…. oh yeah! They may just be trying to convey a way to make the matter better by pointing out what needs to be fixed…even if you kind of loath how they did it…Becky!

*inhales deeply*



People who are innately negative might be much more positive than their words portray. By pointing out the negative, they are helping people come up with better solutions to problems. One could also argue that vocally negative people, like in the examples above, live a happier and healthier life. They found a way to let out their frustrations, while people who hide those feelings and thoughts within themselves do more harm than good.


Next time you hang out with your friends and your friend says something negative that you don’t agree with, take a step back and look at it from their perspective. It just might surprise you! In addition its always good to have a little negativity around just to keep you grounded and help see what can happen if you get to far ahead of yourself.


Of course this is just my opinion and  people, much like alcohol and hits to the head, should be taken in moderation.


Kids Are Literally Eating Laundry Detergent Pods For A Dare….

I am just extremely baffled at this. How dumb can kids be to actually EAT laundry detergent pods?

For those that are not aware, the new trend millennial’s have created that’s spread like wildfire is videotaping themselves eating laundry detergent pods in various ways. There have been kids slicing them up, sprinkling them on pizza, and just simply eating them whole.

Now before I get into this, I do have to say that these pods are one of the best inventions to come out, especially for college students. When all of my friends were lugging industrial sized bottles of detergent to the laundry room at school, I was just bringing a SINGLE POD and tossing into the machine. THAT’S IT!

But now, kids are seeing these “little pods of convenience” as something to play with, to eat. These kids are RISKING THEIR LIVES to try and gain popularity for a bunch of strangers on the internet.

But my question is, how have we come to this? Where in the evolution of society did our youth gain the idea that eating detergent is a good idea?

I mean geez, it’s like we are revisiting the damn fire challenge from a while back. Do you remember the fire challenge? It was where idiots stood in the shower or outside their house, DOUSED THEMSELVES IN GASOLINE, and then lit themselves on fire.

This was an actual challenge just like the pod challenge, and people were seriously hurt JUST LIKE THE POD CHALLENGE!

Now granted, for those that know me, I am in the age range of being a “millennial.” I’m a little sad to admit it, but it’s true. But the difference between myself and these individuals is that I have the mental fortitude to realize that LAUNDRY DETERGENT CAN KILL YOU!

So if this trend continues, expect these products to be pulled off the shelves within the year. Because major companies and products cannot last with negative press surrounding them like that.


But I want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the pod challenge? Let me know in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages.


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Weekly Sports World Is Changing

ATTENTION WEEKLY SPORTS WORLD FANS! I am excited to announce that Weekly Sports World is going to start expanding the content that will be brought to you.

No longer will sports be the ONLY topic that is mentioned on this website. Instead, we will be living by the tagline; “Sports, Brews, Lifestyle.” These three words will solidify the meaning, the attitude, and the vibe of Weekly Sports World.

But what do I mean necessarily?

Well Sports, to start off with, is plain and simple. There will always be sports on this page, and we will continue to bring sports topics on this page as well.

But in addition to that, Brews will also be a driving factor for Weekly Sports World. We love our beer, and we want to share that with you. So if we find a cool bar, a new beer, or just any topic about beer, we will let you know.

Then, there’s Lifestyle. Lifestyle is where we talk about any happening in the world. We want to open up to any other topics that might be interesting to the readers. Topics would include pop culture, movies, music, fashion, life, and everything in between.

Also, there will be a new writer joining the team. CS is a very funny contributor that has plenty of amazing ideas to share with you. I am very excited to have a new member on the team, and we are ready to take Weekly Sports World to the next level. All of our posts on social media will either come from our own Twitter accounts, or be followed by -CS or -Kellen.

I would like to thank you, the fans, for making Weekly Sports World such a fun thing to build. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this page, and we would love to have you along for the ride.

The Weekly Sports World Podcast REVIVAL?

Ok, the first Weekly Sports World Podcast was a major flop. I sounded like a piece of shit robot who didn’t know what he was doing the entire time. It was laughable, at best.

No, I take that back. It was so dull and boring that you could play it for small children to help them sleep.

But, there are some ideas I’m tinkering with that will hopefully add excitement to the show.

The main idea would be a voicemail portion of the show. For the voicemails, it’s plain and simple. You call the number, (708) 820-8157, and you leave a message about whatever you want.

I mean, I know I love my sports. But I want this show to be inclusive to everyone. So give me your questions about any topic that comes to mind. Whether it’s sports, lifestyle, pop culture, relationships, or whatever! Then, I will pick my favorites, and answer them on the show.

We’ll also have guests, challenges, game picks, and whatever else I can think of.

This is the first step on an amazing journey! Come along for the ride.



(When calling into the show, standard data, messaging, and call charges may apply. Weekly Sports World is not responsible for any charges you may incur from calling into the show. Calls from outside the U.S. and Canada will not go through due to carrier issues. Weekly Sports World also holds any and all rights to choose which voicemails are answered. THIS IS JUST FOR VOICEMAILS, NO PHONE CALLS WILL BE ANSWERED)


Bills vs. Jaguars: I Thought This Was The Playoffs?

You know what happens when you stumble ass-backwards into the playoffs? You put up just three measly points and an L against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the first round.

And the fact that the Jags only put up ten points against the Buffalo Bills is just baffling to me as well.

Anyway, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills just wrapped up a snooze fest of a Wild Card game, with the Jags squeaking out a W by a score of 10-3. The Jags fans were rocking, Bills Mafia was probably drinking, and the rest of the fans watching at home were probably sleeping.

Let’s just take a look at how bad it was, shall we;

First Quarter: 28 plays, 5 punts between both teams. The beginning of this game basically made me question my life choices for a full 15 minutes of games time. I was asking myself; “Will this get any better?” “Should I even bother watching, or press on?”

And sure enough, I made the bone head decision of pressing on.

Second Quarter: WE FINALLY GOT POINTS ON THE BOARD. Steven Hauschka of the Buffalo Bills kicked a thirty-one yard field goal with 1:49 left to go in the half. BUT, this was after this dumpster fire of a game was stoked a little more.

The Bills were going for a field goal about a minute prior on the SAME DRIVE, when Jacksonville was called for a neutral zone infraction. This resulted in a first down for the Bills.

But the football gods would not allow us fans to see a touchdown, oh no! After the neutral zone infraction, the next minute + of gametime consisted of offensive pass interference, a sack for -2 yards, and two incomplete passes by Tyrod Taylor. And since the Bills decided to squander away one of the best opportunities they had, they ended up settling for the field goal.

After that, in a “somewhat” less ugly series, the Jags were able to convert for 3 points with 2 seconds left in the half to tie the game heading into halftime.

Third Quarter: Forty two seconds left in the third quarter. That’s when we saw the FIRST TOUCHDOWN of the game. After a fifteen play, 8:52 drive, Blake Bortles fired a touchdown pass to Ben Koyack to take a 10-3 lead.

And this play would end up being the final score of the game.

Fourth Quarter: Who knew that Nathan Peterman coming into this game would create the most drama of the afternoon? Don’t get me wrong, he still threw a pick as expected. But the fact it was fourth and two, Tyrod Taylor went down, and it was all up to Peterman just raised the intensity.

Peterman was able to convert the 4th and 3 with a 4 yard run. And, he got another first down with a fourteen yard snipe to Thompson.

However, the Nathan Peterman we were already accustomed to stood up and made himself known. After going no huddle, Peterman was rushed by the Jaguars defense, which caused a short pass and an intentional grounding. Ten yards and a ten second runoff were enforced for the penalty.

Then, to just cap off the misery, Peterman throws a pick to Jalen Ramsey to seal the game and punch the Jaguars ticket to the next round.

Overall: It was a garbage game all around. I am hoping and PLEADING that this is the final dumpster fire of the playoffs. I don’t think I can sit through another snooze fest like I just did today.

I mean, look at Blake Bortles’ stat line for crap sake! He threw for just 87 yards and a score while LEADING THE GAME in rushing with 88 yards on 10 carries.

It was just a terrible game all around. The Bills had no reason for being in this game, and the Jaguars are not playing like a third seed.

In the end, expect the Steelers to win next week. Jacksonville’s defense will do their best to keep Big Ben and co. in line. But, in the end, Jags got no chance.

Marvin Lewis…..

Marvin Lewis might not win a Coach Of The Year award this season. BUT, I believe he’s in the running for the Luckiest Son Of A Bitch In Sports trophy!

This past Tuesday, January 2nd, the Cincinnati Bengals decided to sign their perennial underachieving head coach Marvin Lewis to a two-year extension AFTER a mediocre 7-9 season. These will be Lewis’ 16th and 17th seasons as Bengals head coach, which consists of a .527 winning percentage and seven playoff appearances.

But, let’s not forget the ZERO playoff wins that have resulted in his seven appearances.

It’s baffling to me how someone could have such stellar job security like Lewis does in this day and age. Every year, we see coaches tossed for poor performances, and lack of success with their respective teams. BUT, some how some way, Marvin Lewis just keeps finding a way to hang around.

And I get it, it’s not his fault. If I continued to stay employed regardless of my performance, I would ride that wave as long as possible.

But, in all honesty, he should be fired NOW! In 15 years and 7 playoff appearances, you couldn’t lead your team to ONE win? ONE WIN? There are/were much better coaches with more success that were fired quicker than Marvin Lewis. And, they actually won a playoff game.

Let’s look at Lovie Smith for instance, since I am a Bears fan. Lovie finished his 9 year tenure in Chicago with a .563 winning percentage and 3 playoff appearances. BUT, he actually proved to be a winner when it matters; winning 3 games and leading his 2006 squad to a Super Bowl berth.

But after all of that, Lovie was fired as Bears head coach in 2012 EVEN THOUGH Chicago finished the season 10-6. And let’s not forget the fact they were JUST SHY of the playoffs if it wasn’t for a lost tie-breaker with the Vikings.

But, I guess the Bengals brass sees something in Marvin Lewis. They go against the status quo and are staying loyal to their coach, even after years of underachieving. I don’t understand it, I don’t agree with it, but I guess we’ll have to live with it.


But I want to know, what do you think of the Marvin Lewis situation? Do you believe he should be fired? Or did the Bengals make the right move in keeping him? LET ME KNOW in the comments below, or on one of Weekly Sports World’s various social media pages;


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